When it comes to women and coats there is something hypnotic going on. It seems that magazines, papers, tv shows and all the fashion icons till now, were pushing us to find fewer items per life that had to take up our perfect closet... which as we all can agree was the perfect little black dress, the perfect trench coat, which we all know had a clear hidden answer - Burberry one, then of course the right pair of stilettos which we can assume had something to do with Louboutin and finally the right clutch, which automatically put an image of Chanel flap bag. But does these standarts still stand put?
In current times life of each woman is a lot different from the one 5- 10 years ago. We have more responsibilities, a lot wider minds, definitely a lot more strength and very high demands for everyone around which include ourselves too. And what does it lead us to? Well to a point where having a few main targets of the perfect closet does not work anymore.  
Daily wear has changed in many different levels. Now each self respecting woman has to have far more items hanging in. Each season does not stop even around 10 great pieces. Which leads us to one of he most important piece of the cold season - the perfect beige coat. 
Why beige? Well simply because its never ending class and for ever lasting style icon. Women from many many years ago started the hunt of the cashmere beauty. And You know whats the best part of it? That for millennium women it became a lot more easy than it used to be. Thanks god to all the top brands that understood the need of this piece and gave us a huge variety of choice.  Mainly each self respecting mass production , lux or simply another boutique on the corner has these must have pieces hanging. All You need to do is choose.
So what is the right cut and the right fabric of such coat? Well my number one example and standard goes to great deep 90s. It seems that 90s defined the perfect beige coat cult. So I stand firm on not looking for anything new. As trends come and go but classics never go out of style.
Main points to use as ur daily bible when thinking of beige coat is of course the fabric, and it can only be cashmere with a mix of wool, - cut, which has to be loose-fitting silhouette, which hides everything it needs and shows everything that has to be shown and of course the camel tone.
Don't think that this i a piece that will drain your wallet to the bottom... no since there is a lot to choose from You will always find the right pricing. But please keep in mind that beauty hides in details right? So when purchasing make sure it has the right consistence.  
When it comes to ways of wearing it, well thats the best part of it. It goes with absolutely everything. If You are running to a black tie gala event, having camel coat on top of any evening dress will look classy and correct, whilst trendy. When You will run to work with half formal clothing it will definitely bring out the best of Your look. And well when You ll want something different or crazy this will be the piece that will always work out the best. As You can see worn with trashy 90s denim jeans and military boots the coat gets completely different vibe and still manages to look chic and fabulous.
So thats it for today ladies keep in mind that trends come and go, but classics never go out of style.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / Marks&Spencer
Jeans / Zara
Top / American Apparel
Belt / Gucci
Glasses / Dior
Boots / Inch2

Photo / Paulius Stefanovicius