Silver shine

Aaaand it has passed...All the christmas fuss has left us and honestly I believe its just for the best.
Whilst being one of the most beautiful time of the year - it ends up being one of the most gruelling one. Why You ask me? Well lets scan how does it all go , firstly if You are forced to stay in Your home country, as I was for example, as my long avaited Cuba trip fell apart... :( ,  You have to visit all the relatives and friends, meaning for at least two days You are on a road ... no time to work, no time to write or shoot... of course its nice to see all those people and have few days off but its just too much, and well I'd rather have my days off somewhere that includes 30 degrees and a coctail in my hand right?
Yet again, I hope all of You had splendid holidays and a wonderful time with Your beloved ones!
And since its all over we can finally find some time for our selves and have that perfect few days before new years of wearing what ever we want and not having any boundaries...right? So what do we choose?
In my case during the cold season number one priority is comfort and warmth. I just can't help it.
I mean who wouldn't want to feel cozy and warm while running around town? Well I do, but I never forget that slipping into something comfortable means looking like I just got out of the bed or that my reflection in the window is pretty much a sleeping bag - no. I usually go for very edgy and fancy parka, so that I could feel free all day and look fabulous in any type of environment , so for that I choose MAX&Co as this season they seem to have all the right pieces for a cold ass days. Then another critical moment is that it seems that for the past few weeks I'm addicted to long cardigan dresses... its just so damn comfortable and easy to wear that I don't break my head on matching the right blouse with the perfect cardigan and the right vest, when all of this I can avoid with putting one fabulous piece that stands strong and trendy whilst super comfortable and cute. Probably its the weather... when You don't see sun for few months You can't shine Yourself .  And this beautiful grey dress by the way  is from my shopping few weeks ago at Cultus where I have found the one in previous article as well haha. Anyways as You can see super simple outfit matched with a bit extravagant pieces can transform into something spectacular.. In my case I am simply in love with silver pieces this winter... well to be completely honest I m into silver tones for about a year now and what I love the most about them is that any minimal look can end up looking very edgy and fancy with just a bit of a touch up. I honestly start to feel like a gipsy as the further time goes the bigger thirst for shiny pieces I have and when I look to my closet its more than clear that shiny metal toned beauties are taking over, but I guess thats for the best! For this outfit I choose Kenzo clutch and my beloved Pinko sneakers.
So to sum up dress comfy while You can as New Years eve is on its way and then the real head ache will start... I myself plan to take it easy this year but You ll hear about it in the next article my dears

Eyes Mast chooses:

Parka / MAX&Co
Dress / CULTUS
Jeans / Mango
Sneakers / PINKO
Glasses / Dior
Clutch / Kenzo
Charm / Tiffany&Co.