So our beloved time of the year has finally come! Happy people, beautiful places, great feelings and even greater christmas shopping... seems like heaven with extermination date right?
But is it really like it looks from outside? Is t really exactly how You would imagine it should be?
My answer would be NO. 
Seems like all the period before the actual day of christmas is a living hell... People get into this fanatic need to get all they need in one day, as of course who the hell would like to go through all that mess more than one time? So what does it lead us to? Well simply to a wild hunt, which You'd expect to see only in the wild wild nature on the National Geographic chanel, but during this period the wildest jungle are the shopping malls and well of course all the streets that have more than few shops standing... So when You finally pass the "finding the right gift" moment You jump into another critical point - packing. Normally I take all the presents to those packing places and have myself a relaxing cup of coffee while those christmas gods do their job... But this year I thought: wouldn't it be nice to do the packing myself?? And well that was my worst christmas mistake ever....never ever get this thought into Your head, as Your packing will never be as good as those people do it, and well You will not loose 4hours of Your life sticking and cropping. Nono!
Now lets go to the main part of it , to the part that gives You the ability to enjoy such crucial moments, and yes it is the right outfit!
So when You realise that its the time to do all the christmas duties, You have to make sure You dress up right for it. Which is only few points that You have to fill:
1. You have to look chic as its christmas and You want for Your outfit to represent the season.
2. You must stay comfy, as after 6hours of shopping You wont be feeling Your feet or back.
3. Keep in mind that after all the shopping You ll probably end up having a glass of hot wine, so You have to dress for the occasion.
So what do we choose? From my point of view the most comfortable item is a winter dress. Which, chosen well, can be a life saviour. Having the right cozy dress You avoid of looking incorrect or by any chance bad. The more minimal it is the better. As You can end up wearing it with leather tights, jeans, pants, leggings and what ever that comes to Your mind. Another amazing part is that almost types of shoes fit the winter dress style... what I mean is that You can wear military boots ( as I am ) and look ready for the street and edgy, You can wear heels and look elegant whilst chic, You can wear rain boots or Uggs and look super winterish and cute. So I'd say its an item to die for and an item all of You should have. I have spent quite a lot of time to find the right one, as its all about the cut and yet again the perfect one I have found in Cultus - the minimalism heaven.
Another part is the right winterish coat... this season I simply love faux collars.... They spice up the look hundred times! And who doesn't want a piece that would finish up what ever You are wearing? 
So ladies, I am ready to put my Diors on, and run for a cup of coffee and in the mean time - don't loose Your mind during this wonderful? last days until the actual christmas!
Kisses and happy holidays!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / MAS924
Dress / Cultus
Leather leggings /  Zadig & Voltaire
Boots / INCH2
Bag / Radley London
Glasses / Dior

Photo / Egle Juozaityte