Ahhh Sundays... those magical magical Sundays... when You have all the time in the world, when You do what ever makes You happy, and when You have the chance to create a fabulous day just for Yourself....
Somehow when we speak about the perfect Sunday - I would be one of those people that would say - All I'd want would be to sleep all day and not leave my bedroom, yet this particular Sunday was slightly different. From the minute I woke up I thought today I will skip the perfect brunch with a glass of mimosa, I ll skip the lying in bed with some christmas themed movie and make myself a great cup of coffee, slip into something fabulous and sit down with my mac and write....
After going through thousands of fashion magazines and cups of coffee I decided to write not about certain style or outfit , but about that magical moment when we simply wanna look fabulous and have the time for ourselves in our charming little world.
Thanks god LAST Sunday my main target was shopping online ( somehow ended up shopping all my pieces in www.cultus.lt ) so I had lots to choose from this Sunday , and well my most charming purchase was this fabulous tulle skirt... It fit the whole mood in the most perfect way. On the other hand - running around the house in a fabulous skirt barefoot didn't quite ed up. So guess what was missing ... of course stilettos ! I know it might seem crazy to walk around the house in heels, but on the other hand - who the hell cares? If it makes You feel any better do it! As it sure worked on me.
So what can I say having the perfect black stilettos matched with the most fab tulle skirt seemed to make all the work a lot smoother and the articles seemed to write themselves haha! But lets get back to why Sundays ?
I believe every single one of You have more than thousand things on Your mind every single day, and lets not forget those of You who don't even have the weekends off... ( which by the way I am a part of ) - those few days or at least one day off become crucial... And when You do get to the point where You finally get time for Yourself - You want to make it worth a while... right?
So next time You have that fabulous Sunday off - stay home, get dressed and do what ever the hell makes You happy! 

Eyes Mast chooses:

Top / H&M
Shirt / H&M
Skirt / www.cultus.lt
Heels / Guess

Photo / Egle Juozaityte