There comes a time when winter takes over the whole city... streets become white and dreamy, windows get that warm christmas mood, snow storms become something so casual that we don't mind anymore and learn how to live with it with a smile on our face and a great outfit beneath. As everything that surrounds us shouts out to christmas time, we simply go along with it... all the pre christmas nightmare that is going on in our jobs, simply dissapear when we go out to the city streets, have a glass of hot wine, go present hunting in the weekends and try to find at least few minutes per day to enjoy all this beauty ... But how does it affect our style and our daily choices of clothing?
I guess its safe to say that there are two seasons that we crave for bright tones, light coloured matches... that would be spring and deep deep winter ( when snow kicks inn and we let ourselves leave the black part of the closet ) . Why? Because each season puts us in the position where we want to look exactly how we feel... meaning - spring - light and flawless, winter - warm and cozy. Which pastel does its job better than anything else.
So what does soft tones say about us when we wear it? `From my point of view bright tones more than often put us in a fear point where we have a small line between looking too ladylike and well looking flawless. Especially during the winter season brightly toned pieces end up looking too cute and fuzzy. Brands tend to put more attention on the soft cuts and super feminine pastel tones. And I do not like it most of the time, which is why I try to give the bright clothing - completely different statement. Meaning I try to avoid looking like a cupcake and go for an edgy, trendy look that doesn't go far from my everyday style, which as we all know sometimes can be quite hard and full of rock'n'roll ...  haha
So when wearing bright tones in winter You put Yourself in an ass kicking position. You ask me why? I tell ya... 90% of women are afraid to wear light tones, as they think they will get dirty the second they will put them on, but how dirty is our lifestyle then? Its not! So forget this stereotype and move on. Second part is that You will definitely stand out of the crowd, as well most of the ladies in the streets choose the easy way - black coat, black pants and french black turtle neck cardigan. ( If You haven't noticed look around, I even catch myself sometimes in a middle of the day that I slipped into the easiest and the most boring outfit I could ) Oh well and third - You will feel fabulous... Wearing bright - puts Your mood and confidence to a different level. So I would say its always a good choice.
What pieces to choose for a perfect bright toned winter outfit? I'd say do not go far from Your every day style and keep it simple but stylish. In my case , I was craving for the perfect light grey coat / cardigan, as well it simply starts to become the classic piece that all of us should have in our beloved wardrobes.  I was lucky enough to find this beauty in online shop, as well lets be fair shopping in winter time often ends up online, and Cultus seems to have it all figured out. Then of course pants - I'm a denim girl so I always go for purely white skinny jeans. As they are timeless and fits any season. For the connecting pieces I can not imagine a perfect outfit without the right sunnies and well cozy warm scarf.  In the end to sum up outfit looks its best when matched with the right pair of shoes , which in winter time is insanely hard to find right? I stay put with Melissa's . As well this marvellous brand seems to know what every woman needs.
So my lovely readers I want for all of You to try dressing up purely bright straight after You read this. And let me know how did it feel! IM SURE YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Cardigan Coat / Cultus
Cardigan / Massimo Dutti
Jeans / Mango
Scarf / H&M
Cap / Cultus
glasses / Dior
Boots / Melissa
Bag / Daili

Photo / Egle Juozaityte