Guess its safe to say that winter has kicked in all ways possible. City became like a fairy tale, people started thinking of upcoming holidays which automatically brought this wonderfully magical feeling. Straight after the snow fell there were no questions left. I ran as fast as possible to pick out a christmas tree ( yeah yeah I know its too early for some people, but who can judge if I want my christmas to last for at least a month ) decorated my loft with lights and candles and literally made myself cute little christmas house for the upcoming month. Couldn't be happier as I am one of those people that see christmas time as the most charming one. On the other hand as fabulous as everything is in this timing of the year it has its dark side. 
While there is nothing more lovely than having a cup of hot coffee in one hand and a Harpers Bazaar in another whilst looking through out the window into the massive white snow storm , it is another thing - leaving the house and reaching point B alive.
There is just something super crazy about those first days of the actual Baltic winter... As much as we are used to the freezing weather and lovely snow storms that make Your hair curly the second You walk out of the house... Those first days You really need to wear something right for the moment. You cab forget lovely cashmere coats. So what do we have to wear and how to wear it right?
Personally for me there is nothing worse than jumping from -10 to +25 ... Why? Well because if I don't wear the right jacket, It takes me about half an hour to dress up just the under clothing and then to put beloved cashmere coat on top of this pile, of a thousand of different layers of tops, cardigans, tights pants and etc. And all of this just because I still want to be elegant and chic , while there is death storm outside the window. Well don't make this mistake dear ladies... As well You don't want to look like literally a pile of clothes while walking haha...
Alright so what do we do? We go to a sports wear shop. In this case - Audimas. A local brand of fashionable sports wear. As I believe we also don't want to look like skiers in the middle of the city right? Anyways back to the jacket - make sure You pick the one that makes You basically immortal, meaning has protection from wind, snow, rain, people that You don't like and most important lets You wear what ever the hell You want under as its super warm! And here is the whole magic. In this outfit I am wearing only one piece of silk shirt from Donna Karan and tights! So when I jump to a coffee house and take the jacket off I am light as a feather.
Second part how to match a sport wear jacket so that You look like a city citizen. Its very very easy if You have such jacket which has the right colour and fabric, in my case its military green with a nice shine, which makes it edgy ash stylish as it is, but of course matched with Inch2 boots or any other kerz boots and well of course the right sunglasses. Lets not forget a piece that no woman leaves the house with - the bag. It has to be matched right, meaning it can not be too classy or too elegant as well we have to understand what style are we pulling off. So in this case I choose a grey backpack, which later on will work with any other coat or jacket You are wearing and well to charm it up I choose bright tights with strong print and golden watch from Michael Kors.
Probably this is slightly different article as I see the most I spoke about was the weather and one piece to die for in this time of year, but I just can't help it its way too cold!


Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Audimas
Top / DKNY
Tights / Audimas x Robert Kalinkin
Glasses / Dior
Watch / Michael Kors ( Mados Prieskoniai )
Backpack / Audimas

Photo / Vika Paskelyte