That moment

Each of us, fabulous women, time to time reach a point where we simply want to dress up....
By dressing up I by all means Im talking about getting fancy and chic. Usually these wishes come out on fridays, when all of us are counting hours till the end of work and dream about hitting the shower, putting our best creams, most expensive lingerie, of course pulling out the best make up ( as we all know somehow our best stripes, smokey eyes and well ofcourse the perfectly correct red lips appear only on fridays ). But the best part of it all WE DRESS UP FROM HEAD TO TOE. 
And it makes us feel better than ever. But does this feeling come kicking in only when we have an occasion for it? Well .... no.
I speak for my self, hopefully some of You too, but time to time I get this feeling in a middle of the week and as much as I try to think of an occasion for it or at least organise my girls to go out somewhere for a glass of red wine, I end up failing, because of course who want to leave their cozy beds and blankets on tuesday night. Well then there is one  option left - just do it. Screw the situation and make one Yourself.
On the other hand these type of eves are sometimes exactly what You need right? A favourite playlist, which in this moment is Havana Social Club, a glass of wine and the charming pieces...The evening reaches completely different perspective... It becomes magical and intimate. The perfect match isn't it? 
Even so when You are completely alone in Your little world having the time of Your life - You have to have the right pieces for that. So what should they be? In my case situations like these make my head turn for something very feminine, girly and light. Such as the dress in the first picture. Super elegant , chic, not bordered around the seasoning , meaning can be worn in summer with a pair of Jimmy Choos as well as in the coldest winter with a pair of cotton tights  and a pair of uggs. Also the beautiful and stunning pattern which is one of the main aspect of these pieces.
Second beauty is the skirt which I picked out with the very same pattern. They just had something in them... and then it kicked me that those two will be a simple perfection during the christmas season... As its always nice to have something sparkly, but not too much , fancy , but as well not too much and well fabulous.
So to sum up ladies, don't forget to have such evening or even days if You decide to stay home and do all the job without leaving the house. As the right pieces can make a pail day into something magical and chic. Because it doesn't matter what are You up to or where are You... its all about how You feel, and well being feminine and glamourouse even when nobody is around is spectacular.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Dress / Max&CO
Cardigan / Twinset
Skirt / Max&CO
Necklase / Michael Kors
Bag / Max&CO

Photo / Egle Juozaityte