bring it on!

Don't know how many of You have been attending full fashion week...but I'm gonna tell You its not as magical as it looks like! But ofcourse despite few things its the most fabulous time in year and its the place where You get inspired just by grabbing a morning in Your pyjamas....
So let me tell You what I have learned in only first two days - running - I mean literally running - all day in heels - disaster. As we all use to see fabulous women caught running in streets with the highest heels, tremendous outfits and breezy hair - its all there and its all going on 24/7! But one thing those women must not have felt their legs and probably in years. Why? Because god I have tried, I have tried full day in heels from one show to another, then coctails , shows afterparties and later wine with some friends. Got home half dead. Next days which was about 4 days in row I couldn't wear anything but flat. So in conclusion I decided to go almost through all Paris Fashion Week SS17 in flats and rock that street style!
And let me tell You it turned out more than well. I had packed luggage full of amazing pieces ready to storm Paris with... Most of the pieces were very extravagant and the other super casual and minimal. So for that day, after loosing my feet to heels, I jumped into my fave pair of Inch2 boots, put my rock'n'roll tights and ran out... Few things it was comfortable and very casual, which is always a good idea. And yet again Paris pushed me into elegancy... You can not see it much in this outfit but it broke my mind...AGAIN! There is just something magical about this city.
I mean lets face it where else if not in Paris You would see me wearing such flawless skirt... Even by trying to rock up the outfit with tights and boots its still came out bloody elegant. But I guess there is nothing You can do...
Anyways going back to PFW .... never had I had such stress each morning, EVER. As during the day, wait not only the day - day and night, You feel the need and You really do have to look fab from head to toes like nowhere else. Also skin care... Each evening I had to really pay attention to skin so it would look flawless, but about that I ll try to write separate article in Eyes Mast Beauty this week lets hope. So when You figure out style and beauty part You get to another fun point - after all the shows theres the afterparties, where if You go, You have to go at Your best. Mainly what I want to say is that fashion week pushes You to think of Your image more than ever. Which of course sound nice and glamorous , but in the end You just want to get into Your uggs or sneakers and wear trainers with a hoodie. Which has never happened to me before ... haha!
So what I can say... during PFW I noticed one moment , the true fashion runs in the streets. Of course shows are more than beautiful , but the true art stays in the street. How each man and woman manages to look better than I have ever seen before, how it inspires every single one, how much beauty it brings to the view is insane. Don't know how about You but much more time I have spent looking through shots of street style than the actual shows reviews... its just astonishing...
Which makes You get a new perspective to Your wardrobe. After seeing all the street beauty You start thinking differently about every day clothing and Your general style.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Zara
Top / Acne
Skirt / American Apparel
Boots / Inch2
Clutch / Comme de Garcons
Ring / Miutto