There is no denying that none of us can survive through winter without parka. As there comes a time when the nature kicks so bad that You don't even dear putting anything else.
And in my eyes having the right parka is just crucial.  Its kinda something like going through winter without Uggs? Its not possible. So lets speak more about this topper.
Parkas have been created to survive the coldest days of A/W season. And by the years it became a huge fashion hit. Why? Well because it became possible to combine high end fashion with comfort in the best way possible.
I myself wear parkas with any style I pick out for the day. And best part is that its literally allowed. Nobody will judge You if You decide to put Your every day formal look for work and go with the parka on top. As those beauties have one special thing, which is : they go along with absolutely everything and they are allowed in any possible occasion as well its not us its the nature!
So how to choose a parka that would go along with everything You own and that would not make You feel that ok its just to get to the car and from car to the door. NO NO. It has to be an item that You are glad to own and a piece that You feel glamorous in, yes glamorous.
Because who the hell stated that comfortable, warm and high quality pieces have to be just that. No. Not any more and not for women like us. Moving on - the right parka has to contain few points :
1. Firstly the parka it self has to be made from a really good quality fabric, as lets be fair we do not want to stuff our closets with tons of parkas when they took up quite a lot of space and well of course You really hope to be wearing one for a few seasons at least.
2. Second it has to be warm and comfortable. As well that the main purpose of it.
3. And last but not least - it cant be too simple. The ideal one is quite extravagant from itself. Which helps us feel good and fab while wearing one.
Im sure You are thinking : its easy for You to state something that is probably obvious for many of us, but where the hell am I gonna find one? Well dears its not as hard as You would think.
For many years all of the fashion houses don't skip a season without creating at least one timeless parka jacket. Meaning each brand that is counted as luxury brand - will have something that we are speaking about. Don't start stressing about the fact that You will have to pay a bit or maybe a lot more than You are used to. But lets be fair … its not another pair of heels or another bag. Its probably an item that You will be wearing for many seasons ahead. So if You really count - You save!
I started to search for mine when I saw that in a week there is snow coming… which I couldn't be happier but still… I understood I do not have a topper for that. One that I could wear every day, stay warm, cozy and stylish. As fur coat is not something You want to wear every day… as glamorous as it is. Sometimes You really just need comfort. Another moment is that I look for parkas that contain real fur on the hood. Also parka for me has to be khakias it goes best as a topper with anything that is underneath. That colour is simply perfection … any basic You put under will look ten times better with a khaki parka on top.For having a fur hood its needed because as we have spoken before we are searching for one that would be timeless and with faux fur its just not it. So to get back to my searching… I spent quite a lot of time until I found mine and well its simply perfect. Its like the red diamond in the parka world…. and yet again I have found it in MAX&Co. It really became one hell of a store for me… Its like You think of a piece that You need and they have one..
So to sum up no cold season can be survived without a right parka.. the one that goes perfectly with Your boots, heels, anything … You name it. Make sure when You buy one , that its the one You ll be able to wear for many years ahead. As parka has to be one of Your timeless pieces.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Parka / MAX&Co
Cardigan / M&S
Jeans /  Rag & Bone
Glasses / Dior
Clutch / MAX&Co
Watch / TRIWA
Boots / Armani

Photo / Egle Juozaityte