Cozy styles are perfection during chilly months and nothing beats an oversized coat. But, will an oversized coat work for you? Does it work for any body type ? There are plenty of different ways to wear this piece without looking like a bag lady. So if You are planning to get one yourself , here are some tips on how and where to wear oversize.
Of course, everyone can wear an oversized coat, but you still need to understand how to properly wear one because, well it’s not that easy? Or is it? Firstly It goes without saying that if you’re a shortie, you should choose a shorter oversized coat ; if you’re of medium height, a mid-length coat ; and if you’re taller, a long coat. Lastly, there’s no need to exaggerate on the volume when you’re already wearing such a big piece ! Meaning stay low on Your under basics… I  mean who would like to look like a potato bag?
Some girls will forever be searching for the perfect little black dress , but I think that, these days, they’re most likely searching for the perfect big coat. Tell me if I’m wrong, but to find a right little black dress is a 5minutes deal, when to find a great oversize coat is a hunt of life?
If you like your winter sweaters big and chunky, an oversized coat would be your new best friend : Not only does it have enough space to cover your thickest layers without choking you underneath it all, it will also keep you warm and comfortable on the chilliest of days and coldest of nights. And since winter is right around the corner, finding your perfect oversized coat is an urgent matter… 
I found mine this year in a place called The Place boutique in Vilnius. Why did I choose this beauty? Well because its an oversize miracle. The fabric is light enough to look good while being tightened and when released looks exactly what we all want in an oversize piece. Second part is the colour. I am one of those weird women that chooses only grey when it comes to oversize coats. Because well it looks the best with everything and You can really see the beauty of the piece. 
Matching. When it comes to finishing the look with an oversize coat main thing is not whats under but whats on it. Three main items are: bag, boots and glasses. I have always been a military boots girl and I am never leaving this stage ( by the way them I found in the same boutique! Its like a small little heaven for minimalism haha ) then it comes to a bag… well while wearing an oversize coat You have to have a quite big bag if we speak about daily wear not an evening out, as we all know we carry half of our life in it. Lastly its the glasses… For me I can not wear almost nothing apart my Diors as well I am addicted to them, but its everyones personal choice.
So darlings make sure when buying an oversize coat - choose the right one and matching it right. Which is:

    1.     Showing skin creates exaggeration between the oversized garment and your body. 

    2.    Going loose and oversized doesn’t always mean round shapes. Especially if you’re concerned that oversized could make you look bigger, then finding pieces that create definitive shapes and lines is going to assist in nailing this look. 

    3.    Going oversized everywhere is going to make you look like you’re drowning in your clothes. I would suggest for example if you’re wearing an oversized jumper then wearing it with a slim or straight leg trouser or a dress is going to help balance out the look.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / The Place Vilnius
Dress / H&M
Glasses / Dior
Bag / TYLA ( butiq.lt)
Watch / Triwa
Boots / The Place Vilnius

Photo / Egle Juozaityte