#1 kenzo x h&m

As we all know H&M is known in a very best way when it comes to collaborations with big international brands such as Balmain, Lanvin, Alexander Wang and many more. This time its our beloved french luxury brand KENZO! 
The collection itself is spectacular... It simply screams KENZO! All the colours, cuts, prints and details are super edgy and funky. The whole view is very lively and artistic. Every single piece is like an artwork. 
Looking from my own perspective the collection is perfect for a person that wants to stand out. As while wearing one piece You have at least ten different colours and prints on You... Which is really outstanding! Its like I have mentioned in a previous article - very convenient to have a piece that states the whole outfit idea! 
So how really to wear KENZO x H&M collection in a daily matter? As You all know I am more of a minimalist, and the style I have is thought through and counted, so to say :D Which is why as crazy and edgy as it is not many of us have the ability or wish to get out on the street looking like one of the campaign models... 
So what is the trick that I am planning to use while choosing pieces from the new collection ???!
First of all the magic of bright coloured, crazy printed item reveals best while being worn on top of something very basic and easy. So what do You do - You go and choose an item that is most likely wearable on top of other clothes, lets say a coat , a bomber jacket a blazer or anything You can put on top. Why? Because of the season.... You are more likely to wear Your chosen piece more often if it goes along with the current weather. So as You can see in my first picked outfit I go with a bomber jacket that can easily be worn instead of a leather jacket or a blazer - which gives us a bigger diversity of outfits for each day. AND lets me think less about what I wear under as the bomber not only speaks for itself but shouts it loud and clear! So You are free to wear anything under as nobody will really see it, as who would pay attention to Your dress pants or what ever You decide to put on, when they see this beauty shining from far away!
Accessories! Oh yes.. the collection is full of them and believe You me they are speechless. I believe there was not one piece from accessories department that I didn't fall in love... You ll see.
So the rules ar kinda the same. The piece from the collection are loud crazy and fun. Basically meant for standing out of the whole outfit. Such as this clutch here... You wear what ever You want the whole attention You ll get will be only about it! Which is again life saviour. Dress all black , take out Your kerb boots and take the clutch? You are more than ready to go!
So what I am trying to say.... Keno x H&M made a really good job for the street wear. It seems that they gave a chance for our daily wardrobe to look sharper and stand stronger without breaking our head too much!
Stay tuned!

Eyes Mast chooses :

Bomber / KENZO x H&M
Dress / H&M
Clutch / KENZO x H&M
Glasses / Dior
Boots / INCH2

Photo / Egle Juozaityte