Lets be fair, there is no better feeling in cold autumn days than when You jump around in a stylish outwear, and whats more glamorous than a fur coat? Why? Well because its chic its warm and its fabulous. Especially when it gets so cold that all You want is to wrap Yourself into something that assures to keep You warm. And lets face it even in the worst cases when You know the minute You ll step out ofYour doreroom You ll freeze to death, You still want to make that step looking the best You can. As all of us deep inside tend to put rational thoughts aside when it comes to dressing up. So whats our solution to this terrifying problem? A timeless fur coat.

Why fur You ask? Well because I got so freaking cold wearing my trench coat today that I decided I'm not gonna let myself face the same situation ever in life…Had to lie in a hot bath tub for an hour just to start feeling my toes again. And well because it just looks so so good. I am not a person that wears only fur or only faux fur. Each of them have their own purpose and beauty that I adore. And since all of us have a right to choose and have fewer options in our closet , why don't we?

So why each of us should have at least one piece of fur in their wardrobe? My thoughts go to main point of it - its the statement You give out whilst wearing it. Any type of fur piece faux or not faux changes the idea of the look completely. It gives strength, glam and luxury image.  A woman that wears fur straight away makes a clear point of who she is - confident, trendy and understanding the value of things. Isn’t it what we all want for our style to speak for us? 

Another part of the beauty of such pieces is that it can fit any type of rhythm You live in. Wearing fur by all means does not say that You are a spoiled easy life living woman. No. Most of us work a lot to have such pieces hanging in our closets. By the by this piece I am wearing doesn't cost more than 600EUR which means there are affordable great quality pieces out there! i found mine at THOM BARA…and its one of those moments when You find pure gold… Second of all its a piece that fits any style You are referring to. And who would say no to such life saviour? Honestly is the best part of it. You don’t have to think too much when it comes to fur, as it goes along with anything You wear underneath, and that my dears is the miracle of it.

But how to wear fur in a right way so that You wouldn’t look like You are trying to much or over all that You wouldn’t end up looking like a furry creature?

Firstly always keep in mind that You don’t want to go overboard with Your outfit underneath, meaning keep the rest of the look simple. As You can not have too many expressive pieces on You at once. Second fur as glamorous and fabulous as it is it can be worn in a super casual way, for those ofYou who do not want to stand out too much. So the trick is in basics. For example wear some simple looking 90s type jeans with a minimal top and sneakers, and You ll see for Yourself the glam will reach a super casual and minimal stage. Third thing I d say You don’t want to look too big , I mean Im sure You don’t who would? haha. So the problem with many fur coats is that they make a very massive image of You, but thats very easy to fix, just stay on tight bottoms and more natural colours. Mixed with skinny leggings or jeans Your fur coat will not only look right it will even make visually skinnier. And who wouldn’t want that huh?
So ladies make sure You start Your season with all the pieces that are needed. And the second You find time in Your busy routine make sure You run and find Your must have fur coat, as without, it will be a lot harder to survive the cold season that strikes us more and more each day! If by any chance You need more style inspirations on how to wear fur you'll find here

Eyes Mast chooses;

Fur coat / Thom Bara
Cardigan / Massimo Dutti
Jeans /  ZARA
Bag / TYLA
Shoes / Massimo Dutti
Glasses / Dior

Photo / Egle Juozaityte