Don't know how about You ladies, but autumn for me, stands the hardest on movement of shades. Meaning i feel like a chameleon right along with the nature. When leaves start to pop more colours than You had ever had in Your closet You run and pick out the tones You have never had before, and thats the beauty of it.
In the cold season there is one point that we never miss and most definitely we shouldnt miss. Which is the perfect coat. 
I believe I couldn't find at least one woman in this world that wouldn't agree on one fact, that the biggest charm of going through autumn is that You finally can wear Your most adored piece of the season - the coat. Its like waiting for summer with that perfect dress in Your closet... So lets get back to it. As fabulous as it sounds its quite hard to find the right one. That would last for ever and would fit any look You plan to have underneath.
Every season has its small personal battles: In spring, it's deciding exactly when to switch from pants to skirts (because everyone knows that once you go bare legged, you can't go back);In fall, it's mastering the art of purchasing in the perfect coat. The beauty of the coat challenge is that once you've found it, you probably won't need to look again for a very long time. The catch being that it's nearly impossible to find it in the first place.
I've started my autumn coat search early. As we never have an idea how cold it can get each autumn we most of the time end up  just wearing everything we own at once, which including piling 3 lighter coats on top of one another. And lets be fair It does not look good or comfortable. Most of the time women give up on the cat hunt and buy one of those delightfully warm head to ankle pieces that makes you look like you're rolled up in a sleeping bag with the face and feet cut out of it. It might do the job, but You end up hating it in a few weeks or even less, as no mater how hard we fight proving to our selves and others that we are simple human beings that think logically and can live with the fact that in Autumn/Winter its not all about style and beauty , that comfort and warmth is number one - WE ARE NOT AND LETS STOP LYING TO OUR SELVES! I am not saying You shouldn’t have one of those, but make sure there is atleast one coat in the closet that assures You to look fabulous in any occasion and does the trick with warmth and cozyness. I know it sounds to good to be true , but believe me it is possible. As the perfect autumn coat should keep you warm AND look good. Because I have to believe that we live in a world where we CAN have it all. Don’t we?
So ladies I am relieved because I found mine. For over five years I have been searching for a beige coat exactly to put my every day look to another level : classy, chic, fabulous and most importantly warm! I always ended up with ones that are either zero quality based or ones that I really liked were way too overpriced. So thanks god my eyes got caught by beauties of MAX&Co and I had to trie them out. As we all know coat has to be perfection to fit You few seasons in a row. As thats what we all search for deep inside. Ofcourse it might be fun to have a wide range of choices in Your outwear closet, but on the other hand next season You ll not wear any of them if what you ll go for is an easy choice. Meaning something that doesn’t cost more than 200EUR and wrippes in the mid season. So my advice invest more to such piece and end up with one that is ever lasting.
I found my beauty in MAX&Co, a brand that I turn to when I know I need a timeless piece and I am not afraid to invest a bit more than was planned. It might be quite painful at the day of the purchase, but the next day, when You see the piece You have purchased with fresh eyes and clean mind You ll be happier than ever. Plus every piece that I have bought from them looks like new even after few years. So go figure…
Also when it comes to coat we have to pay proper attention to quality. As usually we tend to buy ones that simply look good and not think deeper into the whole idea. Most of the coats produced by cheaper brands end up creating quite lovely pieces but in the cold mornings of mid autumn You ll not even think of wearing those and end up with a sleeping bag look alike one. And thats not an option. So yet again we come to a point where we really do have to invest to such piece as its not entirely all about style its also about quality and warmth.  And as we are one of those girls that want it all we have to work a bit harder than usual to get it!




Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / MAX&Co
Top / H&M
Pants / MAX&Co
Bag / Karl Lagerfeld
Stilettos / Guess
Glasses / Celine
Watch / Michael Kors ( www.madosprieskoniai.t )

Photo / Egle Juozaityte