So I ll start with a question today... have any of You had a love affair with Your shoes? Let me guess - all of You did. As what kind of woman are You if You do not fall in love with Your shoes time to time. I know I constantly end up thrusting for one of those beauties. Who's to judge?
Mainly its all bout the excitement. As much as we all would love to live super exciting life full of wonder and crazy moments, we simply end up having a lifestyle that time to time gets a bit hectic and monotonic. Life is just like that. So the best thing we have as women is our style. Meaning - even in the saddest and most boring day we can pull out an outfit or get into some funky pieces that will brighten our day and deep inside we ll be jumping. And thats the only magic You need! I mean really imagine a classic day of most of us - a day in the office from morning till dawn. Especially in the cold season when we know that after we leave the office its gonna be cold and dark and the only excitement we ll have will be a hot bath or maybe a cozy blanket at home. What do we do? Answer is easy - we have to spice up the look.
So when You wake up and realise its one of those days, just run into Your closet and choose one piece and only one out of the whole outfit that would stand as crazy, bright and stylish accent!
Like here! The outfit contains mini dress and a classic jacket - which, combined with something very casual, would just scream of boredom . But matched up with the right pieces ends up as a trendy, mindblowing look! To sum up the right pair of shoes - make the outfit !
During the cold season we tend to skip colours in our every day clothing as we simply forget they exist, I mean how can we not when all that we see is grey and dark tones around. People in the streets, coffee houses etc get darker and darker. The colder it gets - the shorter colour spectre becomes. This is why I say no! This is the most perfect time to take out your funky colours ! If you don't have them - go ahead and get them! As firstly You ll look completely different from everyone else, which is always good and all of us want to be noticed, second You ll make a strong statement about Your personality as You are not afraid and third You ll feel better Yourself! Days won't be so sad or moody and believe me You ll change the whole vibe around You. I mean we all know that the right pair of heels can make Your day hundred times better than expected.
Im sure and I think I can speak from all of us. Nowadays most of us are really hard working women... Living in a rhythm that has a lack of time for anything else but work. Which is good and it is how it should be. But it leads us to a point where we do not have time every morning to look our best. As simply there are thousand other things on our minds. Which is why we need hacks like that. By hacks i mean tricks that pull us out of situations like this. The best ones are:
The right pairs of shoes. ( as if You walk in a hard working woman shoes, make sure You pick the right ones )
The right bag ( as the whole outfit can be based on the right bag )
Sunglasses ( as they can often hide what we want to keep hidden )
And the right lipstick ( as without one You are simply not a true woman, lips are the part that You simply can not skip either You have time or not )
So have these items in order and You ll be fabulous every single day, most of all You ll feel and look spectacular !


Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Mango
Dress / American Apparel
Tights / H&M
Heels / ALDO
Sunglasses / Dior
Bag / Kenzo

Photo / Egle Juozaityte