NYC lets rock

New York, New York.... Straight away I got out of the plane I realised that this is the city to be at...
The vibe, the people, the rhythm all of it and a lot more brought me to the fact that this is the place .... Every single corner was an inspiration that kept me going! And the best part of it NYC brought out my rock'n'roll spirit to the highest point, haha!
Talking about style it is the city that makes You want to look your best at every point of the day...
This exact day I had to pull out an outfit that would fit me in the morning, during the day and in the evening, as I wouldn't have tim to change and I had to meet quite important people. So I said ok , I ll be all black, the usual and think of some key piece that would represent my style and spirit, which turned out to be one of my new beloved brands 2ru2ra dress. Then of course I grabbed my oldie - leather jacket , put on my new Timberlands , yes timberlands and ran!
Talking about timberlands it was the funniest story ever... Never in my life I would have thought that I ll have timberlands and I ll get them in the fashion capital , where You can see amazing pieces and stunning items on every single corner! As funny as it would be I fell in love with them straight after I saw them...

So all in all
New York made me fall in love with the city and forced me to buy a pair of Timberlands.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Dress / 2ru2ra
Jacket / ZARA
Cardigan / H&M
Boots / Timberland
Bag / Longchamp