I say no to the cold winter!

Coming back from warm New York city, well warm for me, as I am used to cold breeze, to a -1000 degrees country is not one of the best feeling ever.
Mainly because nature puts us in place where we do not have much choices when it comes to our wardrobe...In this type of temperature every morning question changes from what should I wear, to what will keep me warm...And I do not like it. But You have to do what You have to do right?
So for the day I chose warm and strong clothes!I felt like I am in some skiing resort! Extremely comfy, super warm and high quality outfit for a cold as hell winter!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Top / Audimas
Glasses / Dior ( Optometrijos Centras)
Leather pants / H&M
Jacket / Audimas
Boots / UGG Australia
Shoulder bag / Audimas