Minimal fridays


When it comes to Friday, there is always a feeling to look Your best, as You never know how Your day will end and where will it lead You. Personally for me Friday is a magical day this is why I think about an outfit the most.
For today I wanted to stay super minimal and comfortable though classy. As its the best combo for morning, day and evening isn't it?
Since outfit itself is super minimal and classy which means the colours and shapes are not extraordinary or outstanding it is very important to play right with the other details of the outfit, which in this case are accessories.
As for me accessories take part in my wardrobe but I am more of a person who has few key pieces that I love and can wear often rather than having many that just fill up my closet, this is why today I chose my beloved Triwa watch , Diors that I do not leave ever and a new piece Armani clutch. And as You can see it is more than enough to have few good ones as they compete the outfit in very elegant and simple way.
So all in all make sure that You pick the right outfit for Your friday, an outfit that You can wear all day long, feel great and look fabulous by having only few pieces to bring out the look (to edge up the whole image)

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / Armani
Top / ZARA
Jeans / Mango
Glasses / Dior
Scarf / Armani
Watch / Triwa World
Clutch / Armani
Boots / Timberland

Photo / Vika Paskelyte