Bright tones

As the September tends to be a turning point of the year in life and in fashion, new beginnings , new season, new trends , new experiences anything You can think of changes in to a new perspective.That is why I decided that maybe I should try out something new, something that I would never do...or in this case - wear...
In a very rare occasions my outfits don't have black colour, or doesn't contain natural, calm colours...that is why i decided to pull out an outfit that would shout out colour blocks and bright details all over the streets, and You know what i can say?I felt fucking awesome wearing it...
As I am not the person that would over do anything which connects to my daily wear as well, this outfit is stunning but contains only few pieces that are comfortable, affordable and easy to mach with any other piece in You closet.
So girls if by any chance, one day You decide to look different and stand out You don't need to run and buy the most expensive pieces from designers or lux brands, all You need to do is match the right colours and right shapes.
All about bright colours of Autumn and different perspectives in the fw trends You will find tomorrow in my third show of STILIAUS KODAS!on

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Eyes Mast chooses:

Poncho / H&M
Pants / H&M
Blause / ZARA
Shoes / Divo
Bonnet / H&M