Mountain vagabond

Waking up with a storm behind the window did not seem promising for a day in the mountains...But what the hell, all that was needed was a bunch of clothes on (as who would expect this stormy weather in the middle of summer), enough water and  comfy shoes which of course would be Nike Air Max, my beloved ones.
Although I look like a vagabond it was more than fine to jump in-between mountains, and walk by the North Sea towns...

Being surrounded by Scandinavian vibes , brought certain will to wear something cozy and minimal, I put all my favourite clothes, stuffed the look with details, and finished it with crazy good T.H. hand bag, as who wouldn't love the magic of transparency !

Eyes Mast chooses:

Leather jacket - ZARA
Jeans - H&M
Top - ZARA
Sneakers - Nike Air Max
Hand bag - Things Happen (T.H.)