Time for some eye lashes!

Don't You just love the view, when You open Your eyes and they look ten times brighter, sharper and outstanding?How can You reach that?One way and the fastest way is - false eye lashes!
I am this person that does't approve long term fake hair, fake lashes, nails and etc. I believe beauty exists only in natural stage of everything.
This is why when I really want to have an extraordinary look for the evening, I choose Eylure Exaggerate No. 14( You can find them at Make My Day online shop) As You can see it really does look amazing and stylish !Of course there is a thin line between choosing the right lashes, as You do not want to look cheesy don't You? 

Over all best choice while having false lashes is to have rest of the make up quite minimal, as You can see nude lips, lightly smokey eyes and light contouring.

So all in all after having this make up You are more than good to go to any occasion at any time at any time of the day!


Make up by Ruta Pakeltyte (Make My Day)