Eyes Mast goes viral

As Vivienne Westwood has said - "Buy less / choose well" , this is exactly what many of us just can not do.I my self often buy pieces that I know I will never use, though they look so good hanging in my closet...I would say It's a disease that every second woman has symptoms of. Which I would love to help to get rid of for all of you!
This is exactly why Eyes Mast with Lrytas TV will bring You something new, something exciting in the beginning of all starts - September, the most important month of the year in the fashion industry...
Eyes Mast along with the best team of all / Photographer Rokas Baltakys and Make Up artis Ruta Pakeltyte will bring all of You something new and exciting that will answer all of Your possible questions related to personal style, outfits, accessories, colours and lifestyle!
This is all I can give You for now!Hope You are excited as I am right now!