Smoking leather for the day!

After spending the weekend near the sea shore, there was nothing more that I wanted than to dress up! After a long day at work I had to run to a meeting with a client from Moscow so I decided that this will be the main point of the day where I have to put something more than comfy jeans and some Nikes.

This is what I came up with...
By accident I had to run to ZARA to check some outfits for a photoshoot that I will be styling next week, and I saw this baby...It was exactly what I needed for my closet.I ran home, put it on and started matching it with everything I have...after half hour I came to a classical  conclusion - I have nothing to wear. But after checking the time and realising that I am late, I came with the best choice, a match that took me two seconds to pull out.

I simply fell in love with this pencil skirt, I believe there will be some smoking outfits coming with it!


Eyes Mast chooses :

Leather skirt / ZARA
Transparent shirt / H&M
Stiletto shoes / Guess
Clutch / Michael Kors
Watch / Guess
Sun glasses / Ray Ban