Beauty trends of a day make up!

As I always had a problem of how to do make up, when and how it should look like...I have always wished to just see some example of different type of makeup  for different occasions in a simple and easy way.
This is why I decided to do a beauty section and help You out! Hopefully :D
With a help of one of the best make up artist in my eyes Ruta Pakeltyte (Make My day) we will try to give You as much beauty inspiration as possible!
Eyes Mast

So Today I am showing You the most simple and most needed make up of all - Fresh day make up.
The one You need day to day, and the one that doesn't require a lot of work.

As You can see make up is fresh, light and suitable to be used from early morning till the evening!

Make up done with:

FACE Stockholm
Kardashian Beauty