When the timing of new year kicks inn I normally trie to think of as many outfits as I can, so that on the New Years eve I would have atleast few choices!

As You really never know where will You celebrate New Year its best if you have quite different outfits in Your head. This is why today I chose to pull out an outfit that I would love to wear both every day and for the celebration as I am keeping my self to the same opinion I have each year , I will buy and wear something that I will be able to pull out atleast few times upcoming year.
Main part of the outfit is Daili dress , as its faux leather it gives the main edge and whole style. Why did I choose this type of outfit? Simply because the dress gives You very extraordinary look and since its multi dress which means You can play with it and wear it not only as a dress but also as a jacket it gives You a win win situation. You look edgy on the new years eve and You have a piece in Your wardrobe after that will make Your daily outfit outstanding in any way You ll wear it.

For the rest of the outfit You see my fav coat of the season from H&M which fits perfectly with everything and of course my Melissas and Diors!
So I offer You guys to think of outfits that You will be able to use the whole year after!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / H&M
Dress / Daili
Boots / Melissa
Glasses / Dior (Optometrijos centras)