So today I decided to bring some funk into my outfit. Since I have my fav pieces I can not be seperated with this winter, my faux fur coat and my Diors, I had only two options left. I was never into patterned and colourful tops, when at the same time funky leggings were always something rad for me. So that was settled .
This is why I picked up Audimas new collection leggings, that completely pulled out the outfit and kept the rest of the outfit black and minimal. As You do not want to go over the edge with all the colours and patterns. 
With this style the mood is 10 time better and the ugly winter doesn't seem so bad anymore!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Faux fur coat / H&M
Leggings / AUDIMAS ( )
Boots / Diesel
Dress / Zara
Glasses / Dior ( Optometrijos Centras)
Bag / Audimas