Rock'n'roll monday

As the early winter is treating us well, we still have the option to wear not only pieces that keep us warm but also the items that we love. 

Speaking about this outfit I decided that again I want to be all black for the day. Which means that I have to play with fabrics and patterns. This is why I chose my fur-faux coat and my new love 2ru2ra dress.

Till now I was always amused by this brand, collections were simply art piece.Plus speaking from my perspective if a brand has a Rock’n’Roll spirit and plays with sharp shapes and amazing art works on it , there is nothing more that You could look for.So after I received my first item from them and tried it on, I fell in love. Maybe its because this dress is completely my style and has the vibe that I am seeking for.
So guys make sure You manage to enjoy the last warm days and wear the pieces that You will probably won’t have the option to wear for the upcoming moths!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Faux fur coat / H&M
Dress / 2ru2ra
Bag / M&S
Glasses / Dior ( Optometrijos centras )