When it gets freekishly cold


I hate the moment when You realise that probably for the next upcoming moth You won't see any sun, or the temperature will not go higher than 10degrees, or even less.Though on the other hand You start looking for extremely cozy and worm pieces.This is why today, after looking through the window I decided that I want nothing but coziness and warmth on me.
Thanks god UGG Australia for existing, as they are the only ones that manage to keep my feet warm, despite the fact that most of the people claim that they are old fashion or what so ever, I believe they speak like that because probably they never had them!:D Say what You want, but in the cold season UGG is the only option! And as You see they look freaking good!
For the fact that i wanted to stay warm  both inside and out I took my cutest item of the month Stylish Paw top, this cardigan makes You feel like You are wearing a cozy blanket all the time!
And of course to edge it up I took my fav piece from H&M , put on my neon lips and of Dior!

So guys!stay warm and make sure that even if the nature brings only cold and rain, You have to stay in style!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Glasses / Dior (Optometrijos centras)
Top / Stylish Paw (www.stylishpaw.eu )
Leather pants / H&M
Boots / Ugg Australia
Fur coat / H&M