Thoughts of first snow

Every single person lives through a different emotion and feeling after they see the first snow.
In my case it is the most awaited moment of the year...Winter for me is so magical that I do not have enough words to describe it.
Straight after I see the first snow I wanna build a christmas tree, decorate my home and fill my closet with red, green, golden and sparkly clothes...And this is actually what I do every year! As I believe I want a bit of that mood on me as well :D
Talking about daily wear, I go crazy for fur pieces in winter as when else if not now You can play with them and bring the best of it on YOU???
This You have probably noticed as for the past few weeks all my outfits include fur details....
So for today I have chosen a green fur coat from Silver Fox because of what the same reason I have told You before and I edged it up with few of my favourite details , the Diesel boots , my new love Triwa watch and of course leather pants!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Fur Coat / Silver Fox (
Leather pants / ZARA
Dress / H&M
Bag / Marks&Spencer
Boots / Diesel
Watch / Triwa
Bonnet / H&M