the black craw

So its time to show You guys one of my favourite outfits that I came up with with L' Eclaireur Paris. Of course I love rich colours and nice tones, but the true love for black never have left and probably never will leave me. I remember when I went to the showroom and saw this piece of Rick Owens...I couldn't feel my legs... It was the exact pieces I was searching for... Jesus fucking christ it was so perfect and stunning... Took it straight away..
Listening to Rolling Stones, wearing my Dior and having Rick Owens on was more than perfect.

Mainly I could say every single detail of this outfit brings out the chic rock'n'roll side of me...
Massive Melissa heels, that honestly go along with everything and makes the look stunning, Givenchy clutch, and leather top made me feel like complete 60s rock chick ! And of course lets not forget wrapped jeans!


This outfit will suite You in any city You are, in any occasion You are going to, and mainly will be the best answer that wearing all black is always a good idea !

So cheers and listen to Rolling Stones - Slave while You go through the outfit! As all of us really are slaves of fashion aren't we?

Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Rick Owens
Jeans / ZARA
Shoes / Melissa
Top / Zara
Glasses / Dior

Thanks to L'eclaireur Paris
And Aglaya Shulzhenko for the shots!