Back to black!

So as all of You have probably seen, today wasn't and still isn't the nicest one You can dream of, if we speak about weather...Personally for me it isn't so bad!I kinda like this rainy, cloudy mood, as You can run around town all day knowing that in the end You will go to some cozy winery and after go back home, put the fire place on and spend an extremely cozy and warm Friday! 
Talking about style, I always have tendency to wear black when the weather is bad, this is why today I decided to jump into my favourite D.Efect coat put on my new fabulous Dior sunglasses and start my day listening Norah Jones and wearing nothing but black!
Outfit perfectly suits day time and is more than perfect for the evening!
To edge it up, I decided to take Marks&Spencer bag with fur details and high heels. 

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / D.Efect
Top / Mas 924
Leather pants / H&M
Shoes / Danija
Bag / Marks&Spencer
Glasses / Dior (Optometrijos Centras)