Bohemian city

The best thing about autumn is the fact that You can wear as many layers as You can think off and it will look great on any situation. Personaly for me autumn is all about mixing...layers give us a wide range of choices that increase our outfit to a completely different level!
One day You can wear only few items and look stunning as in a previous article with D.Efect coat, and another day You can put tons of clothes on You and rock the streets in the same way!
Thats why for today I chose a rocky bohemian chic style perfect for day and night!
Leather jacket with massive leather shoes give the look sharpness and the shiny top gives the look completely different perspective .
As I said before great for the day and amazing for the evening!

Cheers ;)

Eyes Mast chooses:

Leather jacket / Pull&Bear
Shirt / Pull&Bear
Jeans / ZARA
Bonnet / Stradivarius
Shoes / Aldo