Armani Prima

When it comes to us - hard working, never stopping ladies, we have one thing in common - looking flawless. Thats why half of the time we spend working our ass off and the other half - spending all the hard earned money. As if it wouldn't be enough we push our selves to work more so that we could spend more, as well lets be fair - time to time we really do need that 400EUR pair of shoes or that long awaited bag that costs more than we earn per month but thats just how life built us and honestly can we complain? NO.
Another crucial moment while living our fabulous yet hard lives is having the perfect beauty care products as we all know that You can have the top pieces in Your closet and all the most wanted pairs of shoes, but it will never look good if You ll not look good Yourself - meaning You ll pay more attention to wardrobe than Yourself. All has to be equal - keep that in mind. 
This is why I decided to finally take care not only of Your perfect outfits but to take care of You too! As many of You have been asking for this for so long and I thought I have to do it for You and when if not now! So ladies - all You need to know and have I ll be bringing to You after  careful observations and my own practise.
My first article is going to be about Armani Prima  - skin care before makeup. You ask me why? Well because during the cold season is very important not only to take care of Your skin but also make sure that Your fabulous makeup stays fresh 24/7 despite the fact that it can be +30 or -30 degrees.
I have started using Armani Prima from Paris Fashion week in September. So I am sure after 4months of usage that I know all so that I can advice u in the best way.
So lets talk about why do we need good products for makeup base. Im sure most of Yours day look quite similar to mine. We wake up run to shower, get a cup of coffee, whilst drinking it - do our selves a makeup and run to closet to pick up the right outfit for the day. And lets be fair most of the time we leave early in the morning but get back late in the evening or even pass midnight...
And where does it lead us? Well to the fact that the makeup that we do in the mornings has to last all day and ,most of the time, night long. And Im sure our super big and fabulous bags wouldn't have the chance to fit all the extra makeup that we would like to take with us each day right? So whats our solution? It is the right makeup base and skin care products. And here comes Armani Prima. Why Armani Prima You ask? Because I have been using it during the fashion week where the rhythm is insane and the schedules are out of the frame - and I was super satisfied. As my make up looked fresh all day and skin didn't feel tired after.

So the first product that I ll speak about is Armani Prima Glow On Moisturising Balm.
To be honest this is one of my most favourite skin care products... Its simply fabulous.
After appealing this balm Your face will definitely feel hydrated and smooth. I always use this one in the night when I clean my face and put it as a night balm. In the morning skin feels smooth and hydrated.

Oh and I love love love this one. Probably because Im so to say a serum girl... I can not imagine my life without serums haha! The Smart Moisture Serum is a great way to start preparing Your skin before You apply makeup. What I do I put this one which makes skin fresh and glowing first, so skin gets all the moisturising it needs. Then after few minutes I apply Armani Prima Day Long Skin Perfector Trouble Zone which does the magic. The fresh and fluid formula regulates skin quality all day long. It leaves the skin feeling resurfaced, pores and shininess are reduced and foundation glides on easily. Absorbs sebum and excess moisture for all skin types. 

And then the last product for that perfect 24/7 skin is Nourishing Glow Enhancer Oil in Gel .  This one I use for my dry spots. As all of u shave few of them that we need to take care of. For those that generally have a dry skin I would advice to use it on the whole face as a finish.  Fresh and fluid formula that regulates skin quality all day long. It leaves the skin feeling resurfaced, pores and shininess are reduced and foundation glides on easily.

So to sum up there is nothing better than having the right products for Your face care. And when You find such that not only improve skin quality but keeps makeup fresh and fabulous all day long You honestly feel safe and complete. 
Hope You enjoyed!

Day Make up

As I always had a problem of how to do make up, when and how it should look like...I have always wished to just see some example of different type of makeup  for different occasions in a simple and easy way.
This is why I decided to do a beauty section and help You out! Hopefully :D
With a help of one of the best make up artist in my eyes Ruta Pakeltyte (Make My day) we will try to give You as much beauty inspiration as possible!
Eyes Mast

So Today I am showing You the most simple and most needed make up of all - Fresh day make up.
The one You need day to day, and the one that doesn't require a lot of work.

As You can see make up is fresh, light and suitable to be used from early morning till the evening!

Make up done with:

FACE Stockholm
Kardashian Beauty