La Prairie White Caviar

There comes a time when we go through our closet and we see that we have everything we could think of ( at the moment ofcourse , You know we ll never fill that wardrobe ). Reaching a point where we think our image and style is simply perfect and we have all that we need to keep the level of perfection... sounds like a dream come true. And well it sometimes is. Just that do we really think it all through? What is the actual perfection? What is the real full pack?
I am one of those ladies who think of perfection from head to toe almost every day, because I am no different from anyone else,  I also have those days when I dont care and dont even try to. But all in all most of the days that tend to go through all the morning  rituals to achieve the perfect image. And it includes a bit more that great clothing and the right makeup.
The full package or as I like to call - happy meal - is very simple and yet super difficult to find for each woman. I my case its the best skin and hair care, the right bag, the perfect pair of boots and well to die for pair of jeans with a comfy cardigan or jacket. This is what I call perfection. It is when I feel my best and I think I look fabulous.
So lets take it step by step. 
Today - skincare. Im sure most of You struggle through life trying to find the right face cream the same way as searching for that perfect bag or pair of stilettos. And that is more than normal. Because it really takes lots of time and hard work to finally find the right match. Where I hope I ll help You make a few cuts.
First step I take is to understand what problem do I really have with my skin. Otherwise its just catching trends, better designed bottles or any other reason to make the wrong decision.
In my case during the winter I saw that I seem to have uneven skin.. As no one is getting any younger or fresher right? My problem to be exact was that I had capillaries. And after cleansing my face or generally on those days I dont even want to look at my makeup kit - my face is partly red. And well lets be fair - its not what You want when You think of pure / fresh makeup free skin.
So I realised I have to do something about it.
And well I found my answer. Its La Prairie White Caviar collection created exactly for the problem that I have. The whole line is based on evening skin colour and tone and despite that brightening and firming it with golden caviar extract.I have been using cream and serum for about two months this is why I am not afraid to state and recommend the line as honestly uneven tone appears to fade away and skin feels moisturised plus fresh.
So product #1 Illuminating Moisturising Cream. It brilliantly reduces the appearance of discolouration as it brightens. The golden caviar-enriched formula of this lightweight cream illuminates as it leaves skin feeling firmer and deeply moisturised. So mainly all the redness fades away leaving even beautiful skin.
Product #2 Illuminating Serum does the whole base job. Infused with golden caviar extract, White Caviar Illuminating Serum reduces the appearance of red or ageing spots. As the look of existing spots fade, the skin comes alive with a new brightness. 
So to sum up when You go for skin care and especially face skin - make sure You invest enough and to the right products that actually work. My recommendation for any skin that has ageing or any other type of tone difference to try out White Caviar and reach that perfect luminous even skin tone that every single one of us reaches for.

Day Make up

As I always had a problem of how to do make up, when and how it should look like...I have always wished to just see some example of different type of makeup  for different occasions in a simple and easy way.
This is why I decided to do a beauty section and help You out! Hopefully :D
With a help of one of the best make up artist in my eyes Ruta Pakeltyte (Make My day) we will try to give You as much beauty inspiration as possible!
Eyes Mast

So Today I am showing You the most simple and most needed make up of all - Fresh day make up.
The one You need day to day, and the one that doesn't require a lot of work.

As You can see make up is fresh, light and suitable to be used from early morning till the evening!

Make up done with:

FACE Stockholm
Kardashian Beauty