Repair SP


As promised ladies - here is the review on System Professional REPAIR line!
As all of You probably know and are experiencing damaged hair after summer is something we can not escape from. No matter what we do sun does its job both ways, makes us fabulous and in the same time burns ur hair.
So this is where System Professional comes in. Repair collection is all about treating dry, damaged hair. So I ll speak about each product so that You know why You should get it.
System Professional Repair Shampoo, a replenishing hair cleanser that works to restore over processed hair to full health. Lifting away daily impurities whilst repairing and fortifying hair as well as protecting hair from future damage. 
Repair Mask - a deeply nourishing hair mask that works to restore dry, chemically treated hair back to full health. Amazing for those of You that use hair dryer or straightener daily. Like myself. Improving manageability whilst repairing and fortifying hair, the rich and creamy treatment combines a host of reparative and protective ingredients to intensively nourish and soften; its detangling and smoothing properties help to improve hair's strength and resilience whilst smoothing the cuticle to diminish the appearance of split ends and frizz.
Then the Perfect Ends ( one of my number one products out of all that System Professional have created ) a lightweight, leave-in hair treatment that targets split ends. Working to repair, replenish and restore full health back into damaged hair, the non-greasy formula repairs split ends to leave hair smooth, silky and healthy looking. Infused with Avocado Oil, the treatment delivers reparative and softening properties to improve hair's texture.
Perfect Hair  - a lightweight, leave-in conditioner / mouse that works to restore neglected hair back to full health. Delivering heat protection during thermal styling, the non-greasy mist combines Hydrolysed Keratin and Wheat Germ Oil to nourish and soften. It works it magic mostly when You blow dry Your hair... I simply adore the effect it gives after You completely dry Your hair.
So from my perspective Repair line is a collection of products that fit any type of hair and works it magic from first washes... There is no better feeling than when home used products give the same effect as if You have just left Your hair stylist... 
So summing up - Repair Collection is my favorite one for now and by having at least few products from the whole line You ll definitely see the strong and amazing effect towards perfect hair result that You ll reach without a doubt.