As the autumn leaves start to fall and every page You check is filled with fabulous fashionistas from all over the world rocking the streets of NYFW and all the marvelous collections that our favourite designers march through out the catwalks is just a small part of the beauty that September brings us.
And today I ll speak about a part of our image that is as important as anything else.
So what about them?
I cant imagine any one of You that wouldn't enjoy a small occasional manicure time to time. As for me great looking nails is a part of a perfect image, and Im sure You will agree.
I simply never have enough time to get my nails neet as I would want to. And I always wished there would be a simple solution to it. And what do You know - my prayers have been heard!
Didier - a luxury french brand that creates super stylish nail products created something special for ladies like us! Starter Kit Box is something to die for. It has everything You could think of in one box. From primers to top coats and Your favourite tones.
I booked the nude box as Im a fan of either nude or black and i rocked my nails on my own with no professional help. So to be honest if I could do it- anyone will hehe. And just the thought of having this marvellous box at home is such a safe spot...
So keep in mind that this autumn Your must have includes Didier Starter Box as well!


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Didier / http://www.didierlab.lt