As the hot summer nights turn into breezy evenings full of wonder I got to thinking what type of effect it brings on us. Is it the thoughts of September Vogue and a hot cup of coffee matched with a wool blanket? Or is it something more...
There is not even a slight chance that today I will talk about the anxiety attacks that we get each year in the end of August. When we realize that "all new" wardrobe has to fill our closets in a two weeks notice, nevertheless there is the matter of shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, home decor ( as same blanket can't work two years in a row right ? hehe ). Attention must be and will be payed to each and one of them, don't You worry. But today we ll discuss perfumes.
Im sure most of You will agree that a great perfume is equal to a great bag or a great trench coat.
And the search of it is in my eyes even harder than hunting for clothing.
Since I myself and Im sure all of my beloved readers are perfectionists seeking for magic and charm at every single step from the perfect morning coffee in our favorite coffee houses, with our perfect outfits - to the right bed sheets surrounded by our favorite scented candles and cozy blankets in the late evening. Everything what Im about to say will be clear and obvious only for those of You that I have mentioned above. 
This year I decided that I want to try out an autumn scent that includes a bit of sandalwood, ginger and generally has a sweet and cozy smell yet has an edge that makes it unique and not suitable for everyone.  
My eye got caught by new Hermès scent - Twilly , It wasn't even on the market yet but I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The new vibe and the new perspective Hermèsbrought out with Twilly campaign was more than perfect... The look into the new generation women - vibrant and passioned. I fell in love. And to be fair after I got it in my hands the scent itself was even stronger than the whole story of Twilly. 
To sum up this September I decided to start with a perfume that stands for a creative, loving and unique woman. With the smell that at the end of the day makes You feel fabulous. And with a bottle in my bag that each and every time it comes out it inspires me.
So the next time You go perfume hunting think of a bigger picture, because in the end its not only the smell itself it is a lot more.... and a lot more magical.