I believe every90s and millenium girl knows and has grown up with pop diva Nicole Scherzinger . I myself was never a fan of pop music but I always felt thrust for fashion and beauty …. and lets be fair Nicole was always on top with beauty and style sense. I remember when I was a teenager I always admired the natural beauty that she has kept through out the years from red carpet to paparazzi caught photos from the street. Which alway brought me to one question whats is the secret?

Living in an age of fake beauty and ikons like Kim Kardashian You loose hope and want to go back in time to simply live in a simplier time when botox and thousands of other procedures where simply not in fashion or maybe haven’t been used in a same way as they are now… and yet somehow women looked a lot better than they look now.

As we go back to Nicole I always tried to follow up and find the final answer on whats her magic trick to look so natural and have such hair and skin… Simply because I am against chemical procedures and I am up for aging naturally yet looking fabulous. 

So one sunday morning I was going through my casual sunday reads and I found a new article on Nicole. Where she revealed her beauty secret … FINALLY!  And as surprising as it may sound it was and still is simply vitamins, Perfectil vitaminsthat she uses constantly. I was like ok… if that is so simple and harmless while in the same time affordable why wouldn’t I try it? 

So ladies I am eager to check out the magic of these Perfectil vitamins and keep You posted on how it goes!

I bought my first batch and from this day on I ll be on my way to perfection , I hope ?

P.S. You can find Nicoles interview right here