As the leaves have all fallen and our mind same as department stores are on a verge of getting into the christmas madness. We start going through all those main points of swiping from one season to another… We review our clothing, our makeup, our shoes and our perfumery. As we never want for a new season to start without a blast.
I myself already gathered all I need for upcoming winter … I have my new pairs of shoes coming inn, new makeup tones for my pale skin to be and the new scent that will follow me from Mexx.
Mexx is a brand founded in early 70s which defines the fact that what they do have quite a charm.
The brand not only created clothing but as well perfume line that was and still is meant for a Your perfectionist.
The Mxx Woman perfumes I chose for those perfect days when us ladies wake up to know that today will be all about us. For those days when the only wish You have is to get into Your coziest cashmere cardigan, get into comfy boots and run to Your favorite coffee shop to simply enjoy ur time. This is the scenery where Mexx Woman comes in. The perfume itself is all about that floral woody mood, which is why in my eyes it fits perfectly well for any creative minded Young woman that appreciates time to herself, time for quality and time for that special perfume bottle on the night stand.