Luxe OIL


So I am very happy to be writing the first System Professional review in a year of being their ambassador. Not without a reason. As many of You already know I am one of the bloggers that gives her opinion only when I am sure I can give a true one. Also the fact that so many of You have been asking to review their products for so long.. So this is the first one but definitely not the last one!
Today I ll speak about the new Luxury Oils line from System Professional that blew my mind away from the first time I have tried it. 
So lets talk about the line itself. As far as I can remember I was always a big fan of oils… from when it came to my skin to hair, nails or anything else that could possibly be connected to natural beauty…
Of course when I heard about System Professional releasing the Lux Oil line I knew I have to be the one of the first ones to try it out, not only because I felt that this is the line i ll be using for quite a while, but because with the design and style they have made it - I knew that many of You will be thrusting the same way that I was… 
After using the full collection for about a full month I can loudly say - why are You still reading this?! Go ahead and get Your SP products! But if You are still not convinced - I ll continue. So … one of the main things I love about the line is the smell… oh the smell.. so glamourous, so luxurious especially when You wash Your hair in the early morning and in the late evening You still smell same as You did in the beginning of the day.. Another probably more important part is the effect. Every single time I wash my hair no matter if I use a mask or conditioner and apply the wonderful hair oil for the perfect ends… I leave home same as just from the salon. And I am sure there is no woman on this planet that would want or love this feeling…
If You want to know my energy code ( which is the formula of my hair products , that by the by You should examine for Yourself ) for today it would be …………… . By today I mean for at least few months as I try to renew my hair analysis every two months just to be sure that I am using the exact hair care cosmetics that I need, which System Professional has made so easy and comfortable. I am attaching the link where You can get Your energy code!
Another moment is that so many of You have been asking where can Yo buy the SP products, so for those of You who are from LT here is the link  with all the pro hair salon places where You can purchase anything You wish and also make all the fabulous SP hair treatments… ( that I am sure I ll be writing about soon ) And for those of You that live everywhere else - just visit and check Your city spots of SP. 
To sum up - I ll gladly respond to all of the questions You have concerning my energy code or Lux Oil line and Im sure santa will collaborate with Eyes Mast to get You Your first batch of products quite soon… Apart from that SP is definitely one of the best hair care brands I have ever tried… since I am a fan of high quality beauty care and I know all of my readers are as well - if You aren’t already using it - don’t make me angry and run to test it out!