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Many many readers have been asking me how do I keep my skin so fresh and clean... And I decided that from now on I ll be giving You out my secrets daily. So there are no questions left!
I believe every woman deserves to know the secrets of perfect skin, and honestly there is not much mystery there.
So long story short, I haven't been using any skin care for a very very long time...why? simply because I honestly didn't know what to use and whats good for me. As time has been passing and my works have improved - meaning I had a tv show which made me have 2 full make ups a day,  lead me to a point where my skin started to need refreshments. 
Also considering our lifestyle nowadays it becomes harder and harder to keep up with beauty routine, or in general find time for our selves. So where does it put us ?
My answer - high quality, easy to use cosmetics. Why? As non of us have time to try thousands of different cosmetics and see what it will do to our skin! I believe all of us need the effect here and now, like everything in our lovely life. This is why I am super happy that my eye has dropped on La prairie, as - though it is quite expensive- this is the beauty brand that is perfect for every single hard working woman. Why? Because in my case I was introduced to the exact products that I need, and I have been using them till now. My routine is quite crazy and unexpectable . Every day is different, different works, different places, countries and working hours make Your every day life quite hard. There is no possibility to eat at the same hour every day, to go to sleep on time , or sometimes even to go to sleep in general. This is why everything reflects on my face, skin and hair. Which puts me in a position that I have to use the best products in order to keep my body and skin healthy.
Talking about which product I actually use are the ones from age delaying collection and some from hydrating skin, as these are the two types I am in need of. What about You girls?
To sum up, there is nothing better than finding Your perfect skin care... as with it we can make AT LEAST our skin look like we are just enjoying life :D
Hopefully a new part of Eyes Mast which is purely about beauty will help You ladies to have some questions answered, as fashion without beauty does not exist!


Eyes Mast uses:

La Prairie / To keep the face clean

Foam cleanser
Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator

La Prairie / to keep the skin perfect

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Serum
Ice Crystal Emulsion
Ice Crystal Eyes Cram