Lets get married!

This make up was done for a wedding photoshoot for a designer Jovita Valaite.

We wanted to make something different, something simple...As we thought the main thing for a bridal make up is the eyes...they have to shine and attract every single being around.
That is why we came up with a very soft and easy make up.Light brown shades on the eyes and soft nude lips was all that was needed.Even the contouring was very soft, as You can see.

The whole photoshoot was extremely romantic and flowing, as I believe wedding should be(of course how can I know, it is not like I was ever married :D )But still, from all the magazines, friends weddings and so on, I got to thinking that the main aspect of the wedding is the bride .
So it leads us to the fact that she has to be as beautiful as she can be, and it must stay simple and  minimal, as too many details and pushed looks are never good in any occasions .

Thanks to an amazing team we pulled out exactly what I had in mind!

It brought out the right angle of how the bride should look like, and believe me the feeling was amazing!

In the end this make up was perfect for an evening out!So do not hesitate to do something like this for a chilled evening with some floating dress and pastel stilettos ...



FACE Stockholm

Make Up by - Ruta Pakeltyte (Make My Day)
Designer - Jovita Valaite
Style - Eyes Mast