As the leaves have all fallen and our mind same as department stores are on a verge of getting into the christmas madness. We start going through all those main points of swiping from one season to another… We review our clothing, our makeup, our shoes and our perfumery. As we never want for a new season to start without a blast.
I myself already gathered all I need for upcoming winter … I have my new pairs of shoes coming inn, new makeup tones for my pale skin to be and the new scent that will follow me from Mexx.
Mexx is a brand founded in early 70s which defines the fact that what they do have quite a charm.
The brand not only created clothing but as well perfume line that was and still is meant for a Your perfectionist.
The Mxx Woman perfumes I chose for those perfect days when us ladies wake up to know that today will be all about us. For those days when the only wish You have is to get into Your coziest cashmere cardigan, get into comfy boots and run to Your favorite coffee shop to simply enjoy ur time. This is the scenery where Mexx Woman comes in. The perfume itself is all about that floral woody mood, which is why in my eyes it fits perfectly well for any creative minded Young woman that appreciates time to herself, time for quality and time for that special perfume bottle on the night stand.


Luxe OIL


So I am very happy to be writing the first System Professional review in a year of being their ambassador. Not without a reason. As many of You already know I am one of the bloggers that gives her opinion only when I am sure I can give a true one. Also the fact that so many of You have been asking to review their products for so long.. So this is the first one but definitely not the last one!
Today I ll speak about the new Luxury Oils line from System Professional that blew my mind away from the first time I have tried it. 
So lets talk about the line itself. As far as I can remember I was always a big fan of oils… from when it came to my skin to hair, nails or anything else that could possibly be connected to natural beauty…
Of course when I heard about System Professional releasing the Lux Oil line I knew I have to be the one of the first ones to try it out, not only because I felt that this is the line i ll be using for quite a while, but because with the design and style they have made it - I knew that many of You will be thrusting the same way that I was… 
After using the full collection for about a full month I can loudly say - why are You still reading this?! Go ahead and get Your SP products! But if You are still not convinced - I ll continue. So … one of the main things I love about the line is the smell… oh the smell.. so glamourous, so luxurious especially when You wash Your hair in the early morning and in the late evening You still smell same as You did in the beginning of the day.. Another probably more important part is the effect. Every single time I wash my hair no matter if I use a mask or conditioner and apply the wonderful hair oil for the perfect ends… I leave home same as just from the salon. And I am sure there is no woman on this planet that would want or love this feeling…
If You want to know my energy code ( which is the formula of my hair products , that by the by You should examine for Yourself ) for today it would be …………… . By today I mean for at least few months as I try to renew my hair analysis every two months just to be sure that I am using the exact hair care cosmetics that I need, which System Professional has made so easy and comfortable. I am attaching the link where You can get Your energy code!
Another moment is that so many of You have been asking where can Yo buy the SP products, so for those of You who are from LT here is the link  with all the pro hair salon places where You can purchase anything You wish and also make all the fabulous SP hair treatments… ( that I am sure I ll be writing about soon ) And for those of You that live everywhere else - just visit and check Your city spots of SP. 
To sum up - I ll gladly respond to all of the questions You have concerning my energy code or Lux Oil line and Im sure santa will collaborate with Eyes Mast to get You Your first batch of products quite soon… Apart from that SP is definitely one of the best hair care brands I have ever tried… since I am a fan of high quality beauty care and I know all of my readers are as well - if You aren’t already using it - don’t make me angry and run to test it out!


Repair SP


As promised ladies - here is the review on System Professional REPAIR line!
As all of You probably know and are experiencing damaged hair after summer is something we can not escape from. No matter what we do sun does its job both ways, makes us fabulous and in the same time burns ur hair.
So this is where System Professional comes in. Repair collection is all about treating dry, damaged hair. So I ll speak about each product so that You know why You should get it.
System Professional Repair Shampoo, a replenishing hair cleanser that works to restore over processed hair to full health. Lifting away daily impurities whilst repairing and fortifying hair as well as protecting hair from future damage. 
Repair Mask - a deeply nourishing hair mask that works to restore dry, chemically treated hair back to full health. Amazing for those of You that use hair dryer or straightener daily. Like myself. Improving manageability whilst repairing and fortifying hair, the rich and creamy treatment combines a host of reparative and protective ingredients to intensively nourish and soften; its detangling and smoothing properties help to improve hair's strength and resilience whilst smoothing the cuticle to diminish the appearance of split ends and frizz.
Then the Perfect Ends ( one of my number one products out of all that System Professional have created ) a lightweight, leave-in hair treatment that targets split ends. Working to repair, replenish and restore full health back into damaged hair, the non-greasy formula repairs split ends to leave hair smooth, silky and healthy looking. Infused with Avocado Oil, the treatment delivers reparative and softening properties to improve hair's texture.
Perfect Hair  - a lightweight, leave-in conditioner / mouse that works to restore neglected hair back to full health. Delivering heat protection during thermal styling, the non-greasy mist combines Hydrolysed Keratin and Wheat Germ Oil to nourish and soften. It works it magic mostly when You blow dry Your hair... I simply adore the effect it gives after You completely dry Your hair.
So from my perspective Repair line is a collection of products that fit any type of hair and works it magic from first washes... There is no better feeling than when home used products give the same effect as if You have just left Your hair stylist... 
So summing up - Repair Collection is my favorite one for now and by having at least few products from the whole line You ll definitely see the strong and amazing effect towards perfect hair result that You ll reach without a doubt.




As the autumn leaves start to fall and every page You check is filled with fabulous fashionistas from all over the world rocking the streets of NYFW and all the marvelous collections that our favourite designers march through out the catwalks is just a small part of the beauty that September brings us.
And today I ll speak about a part of our image that is as important as anything else.
So what about them?
I cant imagine any one of You that wouldn't enjoy a small occasional manicure time to time. As for me great looking nails is a part of a perfect image, and Im sure You will agree.
I simply never have enough time to get my nails neet as I would want to. And I always wished there would be a simple solution to it. And what do You know - my prayers have been heard!
Didier - a luxury french brand that creates super stylish nail products created something special for ladies like us! Starter Kit Box is something to die for. It has everything You could think of in one box. From primers to top coats and Your favourite tones.
I booked the nude box as Im a fan of either nude or black and i rocked my nails on my own with no professional help. So to be honest if I could do it- anyone will hehe. And just the thought of having this marvellous box at home is such a safe spot...
So keep in mind that this autumn Your must have includes Didier Starter Box as well!


Eyes Mast chooses:

Didier /



As the hot summer nights turn into breezy evenings full of wonder I got to thinking what type of effect it brings on us. Is it the thoughts of September Vogue and a hot cup of coffee matched with a wool blanket? Or is it something more...
There is not even a slight chance that today I will talk about the anxiety attacks that we get each year in the end of August. When we realize that "all new" wardrobe has to fill our closets in a two weeks notice, nevertheless there is the matter of shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, home decor ( as same blanket can't work two years in a row right ? hehe ). Attention must be and will be payed to each and one of them, don't You worry. But today we ll discuss perfumes.
Im sure most of You will agree that a great perfume is equal to a great bag or a great trench coat.
And the search of it is in my eyes even harder than hunting for clothing.
Since I myself and Im sure all of my beloved readers are perfectionists seeking for magic and charm at every single step from the perfect morning coffee in our favorite coffee houses, with our perfect outfits - to the right bed sheets surrounded by our favorite scented candles and cozy blankets in the late evening. Everything what Im about to say will be clear and obvious only for those of You that I have mentioned above. 
This year I decided that I want to try out an autumn scent that includes a bit of sandalwood, ginger and generally has a sweet and cozy smell yet has an edge that makes it unique and not suitable for everyone.  
My eye got caught by new Hermès scent - Twilly , It wasn't even on the market yet but I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The new vibe and the new perspective Hermèsbrought out with Twilly campaign was more than perfect... The look into the new generation women - vibrant and passioned. I fell in love. And to be fair after I got it in my hands the scent itself was even stronger than the whole story of Twilly. 
To sum up this September I decided to start with a perfume that stands for a creative, loving and unique woman. With the smell that at the end of the day makes You feel fabulous. And with a bottle in my bag that each and every time it comes out it inspires me.
So the next time You go perfume hunting think of a bigger picture, because in the end its not only the smell itself it is a lot more.... and a lot more magical.



So ladies! As promised I am back with the results of Perfectil Vitamins!

Normally I am quite sceptical about such forms of reaching that perfect stage of Your natural beauty. I always tended to think that great creams and right cosmetics are the only and I mean only way. Well I was wrong. Wrong in a way that apart using the right cosmetics time to time You simply have to fill Your body with beauty vitamins, as I am sure half of You my dear ladies don’t have time for daily vitamin injections, and probably choose a large cappuccino over a fresh cup of orange juice… And in any way I am not saying that its a bad thing as believe me I do the same hehe.

To start with I always have a problem in the beginning of each and every season that my hair start to fall outand my nails get weaker than ever…  During the years I have tried many many different ways to try to prevent it at least just a bit. But it never seemed to work out till the end. As You know that shampoos, conditioners and masks are for keeping Your hair healthy and hydrated, so measures for hair loss are not just the right cosmetics - Its a lot more. And to be fair Perfectil seems to have it all figured out. I am being completely honest with You - my nails and my hair seemed to skip this problem first time ever. 

Generally everything gets into the right places. And no wonder Nicole is the face of Perfectil. A woman with such pure beauty is the exact face this brand represent. Strong - naturally beautiful woman.

Summing up - these vitamins seem to find the weak spots in You and get the job done fast and efficient. So I am more than sure that each of You will get something great out of these vitamins. And the results will be seen sooner that You would expect.


I believe every90s and millenium girl knows and has grown up with pop diva Nicole Scherzinger . I myself was never a fan of pop music but I always felt thrust for fashion and beauty …. and lets be fair Nicole was always on top with beauty and style sense. I remember when I was a teenager I always admired the natural beauty that she has kept through out the years from red carpet to paparazzi caught photos from the street. Which alway brought me to one question whats is the secret?

Living in an age of fake beauty and ikons like Kim Kardashian You loose hope and want to go back in time to simply live in a simplier time when botox and thousands of other procedures where simply not in fashion or maybe haven’t been used in a same way as they are now… and yet somehow women looked a lot better than they look now.

As we go back to Nicole I always tried to follow up and find the final answer on whats her magic trick to look so natural and have such hair and skin… Simply because I am against chemical procedures and I am up for aging naturally yet looking fabulous. 

So one sunday morning I was going through my casual sunday reads and I found a new article on Nicole. Where she revealed her beauty secret … FINALLY!  And as surprising as it may sound it was and still is simply vitamins, Perfectil vitaminsthat she uses constantly. I was like ok… if that is so simple and harmless while in the same time affordable why wouldn’t I try it? 

So ladies I am eager to check out the magic of these Perfectil vitamins and keep You posted on how it goes!

I bought my first batch and from this day on I ll be on my way to perfection , I hope ?

P.S. You can find Nicoles interview right here


La Prairie White Caviar

There comes a time when we go through our closet and we see that we have everything we could think of ( at the moment ofcourse , You know we ll never fill that wardrobe ). Reaching a point where we think our image and style is simply perfect and we have all that we need to keep the level of perfection... sounds like a dream come true. And well it sometimes is. Just that do we really think it all through? What is the actual perfection? What is the real full pack?
I am one of those ladies who think of perfection from head to toe almost every day, because I am no different from anyone else,  I also have those days when I dont care and dont even try to. But all in all most of the days that tend to go through all the morning  rituals to achieve the perfect image. And it includes a bit more that great clothing and the right makeup.
The full package or as I like to call - happy meal - is very simple and yet super difficult to find for each woman. I my case its the best skin and hair care, the right bag, the perfect pair of boots and well to die for pair of jeans with a comfy cardigan or jacket. This is what I call perfection. It is when I feel my best and I think I look fabulous.
So lets take it step by step. 
Today - skincare. Im sure most of You struggle through life trying to find the right face cream the same way as searching for that perfect bag or pair of stilettos. And that is more than normal. Because it really takes lots of time and hard work to finally find the right match. Where I hope I ll help You make a few cuts.
First step I take is to understand what problem do I really have with my skin. Otherwise its just catching trends, better designed bottles or any other reason to make the wrong decision.
In my case during the winter I saw that I seem to have uneven skin.. As no one is getting any younger or fresher right? My problem to be exact was that I had capillaries. And after cleansing my face or generally on those days I dont even want to look at my makeup kit - my face is partly red. And well lets be fair - its not what You want when You think of pure / fresh makeup free skin.
So I realised I have to do something about it.
And well I found my answer. Its La Prairie White Caviar collection created exactly for the problem that I have. The whole line is based on evening skin colour and tone and despite that brightening and firming it with golden caviar extract.I have been using cream and serum for about two months this is why I am not afraid to state and recommend the line as honestly uneven tone appears to fade away and skin feels moisturised plus fresh.
So product #1 Illuminating Moisturising Cream. It brilliantly reduces the appearance of discolouration as it brightens. The golden caviar-enriched formula of this lightweight cream illuminates as it leaves skin feeling firmer and deeply moisturised. So mainly all the redness fades away leaving even beautiful skin.
Product #2 Illuminating Serum does the whole base job. Infused with golden caviar extract, White Caviar Illuminating Serum reduces the appearance of red or ageing spots. As the look of existing spots fade, the skin comes alive with a new brightness. 
So to sum up when You go for skin care and especially face skin - make sure You invest enough and to the right products that actually work. My recommendation for any skin that has ageing or any other type of tone difference to try out White Caviar and reach that perfect luminous even skin tone that every single one of us reaches for.

Armani Prima

When it comes to us - hard working, never stopping ladies, we have one thing in common - looking flawless. Thats why half of the time we spend working our ass off and the other half - spending all the hard earned money. As if it wouldn't be enough we push our selves to work more so that we could spend more, as well lets be fair - time to time we really do need that 400EUR pair of shoes or that long awaited bag that costs more than we earn per month but thats just how life built us and honestly can we complain? NO.
Another crucial moment while living our fabulous yet hard lives is having the perfect beauty care products as we all know that You can have the top pieces in Your closet and all the most wanted pairs of shoes, but it will never look good if You ll not look good Yourself - meaning You ll pay more attention to wardrobe than Yourself. All has to be equal - keep that in mind. 
This is why I decided to finally take care not only of Your perfect outfits but to take care of You too! As many of You have been asking for this for so long and I thought I have to do it for You and when if not now! So ladies - all You need to know and have I ll be bringing to You after  careful observations and my own practise.
My first article is going to be about Armani Prima  - skin care before makeup. You ask me why? Well because during the cold season is very important not only to take care of Your skin but also make sure that Your fabulous makeup stays fresh 24/7 despite the fact that it can be +30 or -30 degrees.
I have started using Armani Prima from Paris Fashion week in September. So I am sure after 4months of usage that I know all so that I can advice u in the best way.
So lets talk about why do we need good products for makeup base. Im sure most of Yours day look quite similar to mine. We wake up run to shower, get a cup of coffee, whilst drinking it - do our selves a makeup and run to closet to pick up the right outfit for the day. And lets be fair most of the time we leave early in the morning but get back late in the evening or even pass midnight...
And where does it lead us? Well to the fact that the makeup that we do in the mornings has to last all day and ,most of the time, night long. And Im sure our super big and fabulous bags wouldn't have the chance to fit all the extra makeup that we would like to take with us each day right? So whats our solution? It is the right makeup base and skin care products. And here comes Armani Prima. Why Armani Prima You ask? Because I have been using it during the fashion week where the rhythm is insane and the schedules are out of the frame - and I was super satisfied. As my make up looked fresh all day and skin didn't feel tired after.

So the first product that I ll speak about is Armani Prima Glow On Moisturising Balm.
To be honest this is one of my most favourite skin care products... Its simply fabulous.
After appealing this balm Your face will definitely feel hydrated and smooth. I always use this one in the night when I clean my face and put it as a night balm. In the morning skin feels smooth and hydrated.

Oh and I love love love this one. Probably because Im so to say a serum girl... I can not imagine my life without serums haha! The Smart Moisture Serum is a great way to start preparing Your skin before You apply makeup. What I do I put this one which makes skin fresh and glowing first, so skin gets all the moisturising it needs. Then after few minutes I apply Armani Prima Day Long Skin Perfector Trouble Zone which does the magic. The fresh and fluid formula regulates skin quality all day long. It leaves the skin feeling resurfaced, pores and shininess are reduced and foundation glides on easily. Absorbs sebum and excess moisture for all skin types. 

And then the last product for that perfect 24/7 skin is Nourishing Glow Enhancer Oil in Gel .  This one I use for my dry spots. As all of u shave few of them that we need to take care of. For those that generally have a dry skin I would advice to use it on the whole face as a finish.  Fresh and fluid formula that regulates skin quality all day long. It leaves the skin feeling resurfaced, pores and shininess are reduced and foundation glides on easily.

So to sum up there is nothing better than having the right products for Your face care. And when You find such that not only improve skin quality but keeps makeup fresh and fabulous all day long You honestly feel safe and complete. 
Hope You enjoyed!

Get tanned!

I guess as many of You I am no difference by taking vacation in Autumn. Why? Well there is a lot to it. First of all this was one of the very casual summers of mine... Meaning no vacation and staying put in the city.  Despite that every week I thought thats gonna be it and I ll just go for few weeks somewhere. Guess what - never happened :D So I decided I have to arrange something for september as otherwise I ll celebrate Christmas without having decent time on a beach, a mimosa in my hand and at least a weak of no scedchule. And well what do You know... tomorrow Im flying of to my beloved Italy!
Without the joy of continuing my summer few weeks more, I had the biggest pleasure of searching for the right dresses to jump around In charming streets of Sicily... Honestly I found a lot more stunning pieces than I could find before the actual summer season... Which bombed me out. But what You gonna do. So I had , of course, to find the perfect beach wear... that would fit my ideal Italian vacation, and I believe my prays have been heard. I found a new brand called Ms. Mermaid that had the classiest bikinis... As there is no better place than Italian sea side to pull out Your classy / chic side. Matched up with Diors and huge bonnet.
Anyways that being taken care of I bumped into a new problem....TAN. As who the hell could go to the beach pail as hell with all these beauties on. And honestly who can get tanned in few days knowing there were no sunbathing for the past two months? Well the answer seems to be - anyone :D
To tell the truth I was never into self tanning as it seemed dangerous and way to difficult for a person like me. But it seems that nowadays it became easy to use? I simply had to try it out. 
As also these moments where You have huge events that You want to pull out Your fabulous outfit for, and after seeing how it looks on Your pail skin You just put it back to Your closet and wait for another summer. Thats exactly what I had few months ago, and I decided that I ll just try something from this sphere. And it was freaking amazing. Just in few mins I was tanned in the most natural way... ( then I started thinking who needs to lie on a beach for 4 days in a row to get what I just got in few mins?! ) hehe. So since tomorrow I take off I had to put my skin in a healthy glow level and thats what I did. Honestly I believe I have found the perfect brand for this - Vita Liberata. I got to know this one by one of my make up artist friends as who else if not the makeup girls know it better? So I took tan mousse as its easy to use, made my skin tone perfection just in few mins and few things for the beach itself!
Anyways to sum up I am dying of thrust to finally have my vacation, and as my main holiday pack is more than ready I feel even better about it!


Eyes Mast chooses:

Swimwear / Ms. Mermaid
Tanning cosmetics / Vita Liberata

For a perfect vacation I choses

PHenomenal Tanning mouse  / to get the perfect skin tone
Marula Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50 / for beach life
And Trystal Minerals /  to wear no make up during the vacation

You can find it here :


every day every night

Many many readers have been asking me how do I keep my skin so fresh and clean... And I decided that from now on I ll be giving You out my secrets daily. So there are no questions left!
I believe every woman deserves to know the secrets of perfect skin, and honestly there is not much mystery there.
So long story short, I haven't been using any skin care for a very very long time...why? simply because I honestly didn't know what to use and whats good for me. As time has been passing and my works have improved - meaning I had a tv show which made me have 2 full make ups a day,  lead me to a point where my skin started to need refreshments. 
Also considering our lifestyle nowadays it becomes harder and harder to keep up with beauty routine, or in general find time for our selves. So where does it put us ?
My answer - high quality, easy to use cosmetics. Why? As non of us have time to try thousands of different cosmetics and see what it will do to our skin! I believe all of us need the effect here and now, like everything in our lovely life. This is why I am super happy that my eye has dropped on La prairie, as - though it is quite expensive- this is the beauty brand that is perfect for every single hard working woman. Why? Because in my case I was introduced to the exact products that I need, and I have been using them till now. My routine is quite crazy and unexpectable . Every day is different, different works, different places, countries and working hours make Your every day life quite hard. There is no possibility to eat at the same hour every day, to go to sleep on time , or sometimes even to go to sleep in general. This is why everything reflects on my face, skin and hair. Which puts me in a position that I have to use the best products in order to keep my body and skin healthy.
Talking about which product I actually use are the ones from age delaying collection and some from hydrating skin, as these are the two types I am in need of. What about You girls?
To sum up, there is nothing better than finding Your perfect skin care... as with it we can make AT LEAST our skin look like we are just enjoying life :D
Hopefully a new part of Eyes Mast which is purely about beauty will help You ladies to have some questions answered, as fashion without beauty does not exist!


Eyes Mast uses:

La Prairie / To keep the face clean

Foam cleanser
Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator

La Prairie / to keep the skin perfect

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Serum
Ice Crystal Emulsion
Ice Crystal Eyes Cram

Smoking black !

As I have noticed that for a long time all I was bringing to You was stripes, I decided - NO MORE!
And I promise from now on each week I will show You as much variety as I can think of.

So for today we give You rich dar smokey eyes!It simply brings out the brightest from Your eyes and You need nothing more, lips can easily be nude and countering should stay light!As what more would You need when Your eyes shine every direction!

For hair I decided that having dar eyes goes more than perfect with curls, thanks to my dear friend - hair stylist Ridas Sturas, the whole look turned out very romantic and perfect for a date night out!

So have a glass of wine and enjoy the evening!

Make Up by Ruta Pakeltyte ( Make My Day) 


Eye Shadows / FACE Stockholm
Powder / INK
Lip pencil / Sigma
Eyes Brows / Anastasia Beverly Hills
Lashes / Eylure
Contoring / Kardashian Beauty


So finally after few weeks of no beauty posts , new make up for You guys!
As You all know the main trend of the upcoming Autumn season is very strong lashes and nude lips.This is why we have done this unique make up.It perfectly fits in to Your daily routine and it does not require insane skills, as all You need to do is to be able to pull out a perfect stripe!
Ofcourse who am I to tell when I can't do a decent stripe for 3year now....Thanks god i Have Ruta :DD
Talking about products it was the first time I have tried INK by Dennis Knudsen and I felt in love...the foundation was simply perfect and coverage was extremely soft and pleasant, as well as the fact that it was perfect for the whole day!No shining no nothing!

Used products:

Eyes Brows / Anastasia Beverly Hills
Powder / INK by Dennis Knudsen
Lips / FACE Stockholm
Eyes Shadows / Sigma

Lets get married!

This make up was done for a wedding photoshoot for a designer Jovita Valaite.

We wanted to make something different, something simple...As we thought the main thing for a bridal make up is the eyes...they have to shine and attract every single being around.
That is why we came up with a very soft and easy make up.Light brown shades on the eyes and soft nude lips was all that was needed.Even the contouring was very soft, as You can see.

The whole photoshoot was extremely romantic and flowing, as I believe wedding should be(of course how can I know, it is not like I was ever married :D )But still, from all the magazines, friends weddings and so on, I got to thinking that the main aspect of the wedding is the bride .
So it leads us to the fact that she has to be as beautiful as she can be, and it must stay simple and  minimal, as too many details and pushed looks are never good in any occasions .

Thanks to an amazing team we pulled out exactly what I had in mind!

It brought out the right angle of how the bride should look like, and believe me the feeling was amazing!

In the end this make up was perfect for an evening out!So do not hesitate to do something like this for a chilled evening with some floating dress and pastel stilettos ...



FACE Stockholm

Make Up by - Ruta Pakeltyte (Make My Day)
Designer - Jovita Valaite
Style - Eyes Mast

Killer stripes!

Well as on friday the only thing You can think about is what to wear and what makeup to pull out, I decided that I will help You!

Today Ruta (Make My Day) and I decided that there is nothing better than classic !
As You can see main point of the makeup are the stripes, and full liner, wich brightens and sharpens Your eyes till the max!

And of course nude as hell I simply love Face Stockholm lip liner...there is nothing better than it!


Go lashes!

Don't You just love the view, when You open Your eyes and they look ten times brighter, sharper and outstanding?How can You reach that?One way and the fastest way is - false eye lashes!
I am this person that does't approve long term fake hair, fake lashes, nails and etc. I believe beauty exists only in natural stage of everything.
This is why when I really want to have an extraordinary look for the evening, I choose Eylure Exaggerate No. 14( You can find them at Make My Day online shop) As You can see it really does look amazing and stylish !Of course there is a thin line between choosing the right lashes, as You do not want to look cheesy don't You? 

Over all best choice while having false lashes is to have rest of the make up quite minimal, as You can see nude lips, lightly smokey eyes and light contouring.

So all in all after having this make up You are more than good to go to any occasion at any time at any time of the day!


Make up by Ruta Pakeltyte (Make My Day)


Day Make up

As I always had a problem of how to do make up, when and how it should look like...I have always wished to just see some example of different type of makeup  for different occasions in a simple and easy way.
This is why I decided to do a beauty section and help You out! Hopefully :D
With a help of one of the best make up artist in my eyes Ruta Pakeltyte (Make My day) we will try to give You as much beauty inspiration as possible!
Eyes Mast

So Today I am showing You the most simple and most needed make up of all - Fresh day make up.
The one You need day to day, and the one that doesn't require a lot of work.

As You can see make up is fresh, light and suitable to be used from early morning till the evening!

Make up done with:

FACE Stockholm
Kardashian Beauty