There is just something about my wardrobe when it comes to NYC...
Every time I come here I pre plan my outfits harshly and only because You truly never know where this city might bring You or put You in...
This is why knowing this time its gonna be all work no leisure I had to really find those perfect pieces that would lead me through the month.
So I thought to myself - what Is the main piece I have to have and where could I get it from?
Mo doubt my answer was a classic / chic and strong character blazer. And I knew I wont have any time to run around and search for one in New York itself. So I did my research in Lithuania and found a brand that filled all my wishes and needs in a sec - FG Atelier.
FG atelier was created to make life easier for aspiring and self-confident career women who want to look sharp and feminine at work with minimal time and effort. A woman expresses herself through what she wears – especially at work. Successful workwear does much more than save time, it tells the world what kind of woman you are. The best part of them is their moto that I simply fell in love : Forget entire weekends spent searching for that one perfect office dress or business suit - you have more important decisions to make in your everyday life. 
Nevertheless the whole team were simply spectacular ... I have never seen such professional and warm service anywhere. So I came with thunder and told that I need super chic classy blazer in few days as my flight to NYC was just around the corner,  and since the brand is concentrated on personalised orders I thought I ll not get it by the time... But what do You know - I got my perfect blazer made just for me right on time! I was left speachless....
And what do You know all meetings I had, all cocktail hours I had to attend it was and still is my number one piece that I match every where I go where I am in need to look sharp, chic and fabulous in this crazy city that never sleeps!



Eyes Mast chooses / FG Atelier 
Blazer / https://www.fgatelier.com/collections/jackets

green light for red


There is no denying the importance of having a heavy-duty parka at your disposal once the temperatures drop. But, even though there is so much to love about this topper, still most of the ladies think that it is nearly impossible to make the sleeping bag-like jacket look chic. Well Im here to prove You wrong.
There is so much style when we speak about nowadays parkas.. from hollywood stars to simply streets of Chamonix - a great parka is a piece that will never go out of style and has more than thousand ways to be worn.
There is no rule that says a parka needs to be a dark solid colour, so think outside of the box this season and go for red. Personally for me a red parka has always been and still is a Canada Goose key piece, so its very pleasing to be able to find a red - even better looking and more unique parka apart from CG. This is why I couldn't pass this Calvin Klein beauty that I have found in Denim Dream store in Vilnius. My eye got caught straight away...
And what can I say, I was a bit scared to be wearing such bright piece in this dark and cold season when all You see is black and grey, but what can I say... I was wrong.
Best part of having a bright toned parka is that it brings Your daily style to a completely new level. No outfit is casual anymore.. everything You match with this beauty looks simply fabulous and chic.
Another fun part about this piece is the classy point of it. Because as bright as it is or as sportish as we would think it should be , it has this classic piece label. From early 90s red parkas have been the american and european elite color for skiing in the Aspen to winters in Alp resorts. This is why having this type of parka matches perfectly with casual every day outfits to very chic pollo style looks no matter Your age or Your lifestyle.
I chose to wear it with a cozy Calvin Klein turtle neck cardigan and match them with Denim Dream rich blue jeans. Which shows that worn on the simplest everyday choices that are comfortable and doest break Your head in half - You ll end up having a fabulous - different from others - look.
So my advice this season is to skip the comfortable colors and go for something more exciting!


Eyes Mast chooses:

Parka / Calvin Klein
Turtle neck / Calvin Klein
Jeans / Denim Dream
Bag / Guess
Glasses / Tom Ford
Boots / Inch2

The bag section


When purchasing a handbag, one quality obviously stands essential to all others: Is it stylish and chic? Though secondly, a woman must also ask herself - Is it functional? One without the other makes for a less-than-optimal accessory; lucky for you, dear reader, we recently made a life-changing discovery that will shatter your preconceived notions about bags.
Nowadays of endless options on every single piece we have in mind it is crucial to understand what we really need so that we wouldn't end up with a closet exploding from mass of look a like pieces.
When we talk about bags - one of the main essentials of a woman - it has so many requirements that it blows our minds. And then we reach a point where we either can have tons of different mediocre ones or have a few that will get the timeless piece badge.
This is why sometimes I choose brands that are not top lux ones, but go for niche labels that have huge perspectives and great pieces at affordable stage ( for now ) This is why when I was looking for something unique yet affordable and wearable - I found Geda Peleda. A brand with a sense of style and a great minimalism point. As for a woman like me - bag has to be more than just a bag... it has to be a big part of my life... as half of it I literally carry in my bag...
Conventional wisdom would have us believe that when it comes to size, a larger bag tends to reign supreme. It assures you have plenty of room for all your knickknacks and won't have to try to carry too many items in a tightly squeezed space. But no. We have discovered that a half backpack / half conceptual type of bag is, in fact, the perfect bag.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Bag / Geda Peleda 
Coat / In Avati
Jeans / Zara
Boots / Inch2

Heritage Check

This may sound radical for a fashion piece, but when it comes to buying a coat, form and function are more important than the latest catwalk manifesto. No one wants to look outdated of course but this piece has always stood above trends. Yet getting both is possible.
Coat trends move at a glacial pace and there are always several types that hit the season, though that does not mean You have to go for it with Your eyes closed. Military or wrap, cape or oversized duvet, long, slim, single-breasted and grey flannel or sheepskin and boxy – they’ll all work as style statements this autumn but also, importantly,  keep you going for the next five or six years at least. The question is, what works best on you and within your daily routine and what will have the timeless label on it?
 It’s important to get this right. A beautiful coat, a chic bag and the right shoes are gate-keepers to looking stylish. Choose wisely and a good coat will perk you up in the mornings, keep you cheerful on the commute and make a snappy entrance every day in the office, year after year...
So if we would speak about the right choice - this season I would say go for - Heritage Check.
Not because its this season top choice when it comes to absolutely everything, but because this is the season where You can actually end up having a great timeless piece in heritage check, which is not pulled out from Your mothers closet that was worn in deep 80s.
Another marvelous point at this stage is that You can find some truly great pieces that are not mass produced, and dig a little deeper with a unique design by small local or international clothing brands. To be straight after heritage check hit the shops I knew I had to have something in it but I didnt want to end up like 95% of the ladies wearing same pants, coats and blazers on a daily basis. I decided to invest a bit more and get a piece that would not end up in the box after the season. My eye caught Coat Creators , as my main target was to find a cashmere coat from local Lithuanian designers. It simply had everything a woman needs in a timeless coat experience. A classic cut, the heritage check and the quality. So I went for it and I cant seem to get enough of it. For the past two weeks this coat is all I wear. From outfits that fit 9-5 ( which in my case would be 10 to eternity ) and from the ones I choose for a night out or some gala.
This is why I ll end my article with a simple fact that many of You should use - in search of a piece like coat - spend more time and invest a bit more than You would normally choose to, as the feedback and the result will be fabulous.


Eyes Mast chooses /  Coat Creators

GUESS what


As the summer fades away Fall comes in hard and strong. Bringing us new trends, new colors, new wishes and new ways to express our selves. To be fair one of the best seasons of all is just around the corner. So we have to make sure we step into it at our best. So... For the last day of summer - first look of Fall.
For all of us Fall represents various things. For some its boots season, for some beloved trench coat time - for me no fall can begin without the right parka. This is why my first autumn look is based on a stylish and a must have piece. This beauty I caught hanging at GUESS, a brand I barely go to and what do You know I ended up buying the whole outfit from it. I guess from now on my habits will change.
As we all know Guess is all about free minded, trendy wild and strong L.A. woman, that cares about no one but herself. And the brand seems to be keeping their idea very well each season. This is why this F/W collection is no different. Sexy cuts, fit shapes and classical colors is a true Guess spirit. I thought to myself why don't I european it up?  
I simply couldn't  refuse the rich military green tone and the beautifully put details, with glamorous gold textures on it. I can easily say that this piece was one of the most charming ones I have seen in a while. Then I saw the black dress. It caught my eye straight away. I decided I need a piece that I can simply jump into and match with the same parkas, leather jackets, heels or boots at any time of the season. And we all know that there is not better newly bought piece that goes along with almost everything You own.
P.s. guys did You see the bag? The right words would be / to die for....
After I matched them with the right boots and the perfect bag I knew... This fall will be a good one. As if this is my first outfit of the season ... I can not even Imagine how many more charming pieces will reach my closet and how many great articles are ahead of You my dears.
So don't be too sad about the summer as fall is bringing so much more than You can even dream of.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Parka / GUESS
Dress / GUESS
Sunnies / Tom Ford
Boots / GUESS
Rings / Dore Palada


I believe for every single man word woman is equivalent to mood swings… and well lets be fair - we have no right to blame them as it is more than true. It comes and goes but it never leaves us, and when it hits You never know what kind of stage it will put You at. So today I ll speak about the type that makes us want to wear the most unmatchable pieces and if it is something we should fight or simply go along?

In my case, which I believe reaches all of You at some point , I get those crazy mood swings in the early mornings , when I oversleep, I dont get my coffee on time and when I stand in the closet and I know that nothing good will come from this…

So how does it work… when I get into this stage usually I get the need to put all my favorite pieces at once and well normally You would think it simply couldn’t mix and match right. Well we might be wrong.

Today I had one of those fun and crazy mornings and decided that I simply need to put my beloved lace skirt from H&M Conscious Exclusive collection , then I thought to myself I can not go out without my military-like shirt which is my summer most worn piece to be fair , then it went to my diamond Gucci sneakers,  LV backpack and it all became one big mess which I saw when I ran downstairs where I had to face the all mighty mirror… Well.. I couldn’t say it was one of my strongest looks at all but to be fair it didn’t look so bad didn’t it?

And here we reached the point where it seems clear that If we want something we will get it. Like all women do right? 

The outfit itself is a complete mess but if You look at it from the right angle it’s simply marvelous. Why? Because it shows that time to time we don’t give a damn and we shouldnt. Overall if we would look closer top fashion Icons and stars are spotted wearing nothing but randomly put outfits and now we know where it comes from. So we come to understand that personal style and sence of fashion has absolutely no boundaries and gives us the path to self expression in the highest way possible.

So if ever You will be standing in front of the mirror and think that what You are wearing is simply not right - think twice, because nowadays there are no bad outfits and what ever You would go for it will be the right choice. Time to time we really just need to let go a bit and let our minds and our style free. 


Eyes Mast chooses:

Shirt / H&M
Top / Top Shop
Skirt / H&M Conscious
Rings / Dore Palada
Watch / Marc Jacobs ( Mados Prieskoniai )
Sneakers / Gucci
Glasses / Dior
Backpack / LV

Listening to / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08JS5EqyBVU


When we hear the word summer - blue skies, sandy beaches and flawless fabrics come straight up to our heads. As different as we think we might be - all the women thrust for same light, colorful and sexy look. But what happens when You have had Your portion of vacation and You get back to work? How does Your style change after a good month of vacation habits?
For one thing there is nothing worse than the state of mind.... After spending past days in beaches, yachts and any other place that does not require nothing but a good sun cream and few pairs of sunnies, not even talking about the fact that the only head ache You have is as simple as a good cup of coffee in the morning and a great dinner in the evening. We reach a point where daily style is super simple, we start to pay less attention to it and we reach a stage of complete relaxation in all possible ways... As for me when I wet through my vacation I realized that I spent most of it in swimwear and few light dresses for the evenings and well about a hundred pairs of slippers and sandals hehe... Anyways it all seemed like a dream until I realized I am on my way back to the city and my summer is officially over .
As I unpacked my luggages I realized Its time to get my classy look for monday as easy as it might seem - I was shocked .... I so did not want to let go of my vacay concept of clothing, of the way how easy and relaxed it all has been that I had to sleep it off. So ladies don't rush to Your closets straight away when You come back from Your holidays as well You will get a slight anxiety attack.
So the next day I comeback and I realize I have to take it step at a time. So I take two main essentials of my holiday outfits : slippers and some sort of flawless textured piece, and I go for the classy part of the closet as lets be fair after a while You really miss that femina bona type of style that You are used to all year long. And I go for sporty DKNY slippers , that are perfect for a sunny beach and in the same time rocks half melted concrete. Then, since its mid summer, I go for my favorite timeless and flawless high waist wide cut pants that have never been a wrong piece to take and well the last but not least - classy long cut jacket. The one thing I skip is any type of top under so that there would be a super deep neck line and it would bring out the tan and well the sexy look out. The next thing You know - Is the accessories. For some reason this summer I have not spent atlas one day without a set of rings on my hands , as there is just something magical about it. Another crucial part which has always been and always will be my number one accessory - sunglasses. So I go for Tom Ford as I realized that I have to get out of that Dior stage and look around :D
To sum up I mix ad match a very summerish pieces with super classy seasonless items and get out with a comfortable trendy look that fills all my requirements. Can it be any better? 
Going for bw look You will always give out that elegant and glamorous vibe which is always a good idea and is never a wrong turn. Especially when we speak about acclimatization after Your summer vacation and straight to work phase. Its never easy and the only way to make it lighter is to pull out fabulous outfits the first days of working week, as well all know there is no better cure than when we feel charming and feminine form head to toe.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Mango
Pants / COS
Bag / Coccinelle
Slippers / DKNY
Sunnies / TOM FORD
Ring / Dore Palada
Bracelets / Tiffany&Co.

easy way out

A summer Sunday well spent is nothing if not a testament to the pure joy of a minimalist, be-there-in-15-minutes routine. And lets be fair - it sounds harsh but the outfits we pull of whilst being in this type of misery - most of the time turn out to be one of our best ones. I suppose women act at their highest while being put in the "simply not possible" file. As far as I can remember the best looks that I have had are pulled out at the exact moment when I realize  I am super late, my hair are still wet and ,well, like always, despite the fact that the closet is erupting, there is still not enough clothes to choose from.... Generally the less time we have and the more stressed we are the better!
So having the 15min Sunday fun I ran to my closet and realized... Why would I break my head into pieces when I can simply go for a safe point and look fabulous? 
90s denim jeans are a must have piece for any women closet. It has been and it always will be the true american classic that has not left the stage for almost three decades... Though some of the women tend to think that boyish jeans are not feminin enough and not chic as they might want to, but in times like this its the best choice and it fills all Your needs. Simply because 90s boyfriend jeans go with everything, everywhere and every time. Lastly its super easy to get a great outfit out of them as by wearing such type of denim You already get the right look. So It makes me wonder that the actual problem of some women still not having such pair in their wardrobe is the fact that it simply sounds to easy and too good to be true?
The question is: When things come too easy we get suspicious so do they have to get complicated before we believe they are for real?
Meaning why would we turn our heads around and get ten pairs of skinny jeans that one day don't fit our needs, another day  don't seem to fit at all and few months later they seem to be a size to small, because of the washing machine or simply because You had more trips to Your favorite bakery than usual? 
With boyfriends You will never have such problem, and due to the classic american blue denim You ll need only one pair! Yet again almost everything You ll choose to wear on top will do, AND make Your upper body look skinnier.
So ladies get Your favorite pair and rock the streets!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Shirt / DKNY
Jeans / Zara
Sneakers / Gucci
Bag / Gucci
Glasses / Dior
Socks / Calzedonia
Watch / Triwa



When it comes to last days of spring - a whole new feeling kicks in. Everything around us becomes flawless and light. No wonder our style changes along. 
As soon as the weather became stable and the summerish days came for good, naturally I got the need to get out my bright side of the closet. The light textures, bright tones, thin lines .... were all I could think off. 
I decided I need to get myself a pair of carrot - fit trousers and of course in nothing else but linen... as summer is all about linen right? So I was lucky enough to run to my one of the top places in town Gedimino 22 and find these beautiful ones from MAX&Co. The best part of them was the quality of course and the stripes... There is just something wonderful about wearing striped pants. The ability to wear them in almost any occasion and the image they give out is spectacular. Like for example in this case with a pair like this I can pull off a casual every day style - like You see in the photos whilst in the same time paired with cashmere shirt and a pair of stilettos I ll get completely different statement. And we are all about wearing one piece in as many ways as possible right?
Since my goal was to look chic yet simple I decided to pair it up with a simple cotton t-shirt from DKNY, it simply gave the look I was searching for ,and well lest be fair a plain t-shirt matched with high waisted pants is the new modern way of classic.  And as all of You can probably see the outfit has two types of white in it and it doesn't look cheesy or inappropriate right? Let me tell why... I was always in the biggest stress possible when pairing different tones of white, as lets be fair this colour seems to be the easiest choice , but in the same time it can make Your head turn when the tones don't match. So what helps us in this stage is that the fabrics are completely different which allows us to match them up together real nice. Linen generally is one of those fabrics that lets Your style loose - meaning gives You a wide spectrum of opportunities.
All in all since I got my perfect match figured out I needed to spice it up a notch and then ZYNE kicked in... those emerald green sandals glamours up any type of outfit You would go for, and the of course a piece that I don't even leave my house without - sunnies. The new Diors that I have found in Glasses On shop simply fit right for upcoming light summer outfits...
And when I felt I was good to go I grabbed my Coccinelle clutch , put on my golden Triwa watch and ran out the door to get myself a cold glass of white wine and enjoy the evening...
So ladies as summer is just around the corner don't forget to get Yourself a great piece of pants preferably linen - to always have a safe choice when it comes to running around the city or heading to the perfect vacation in the southern Italy... yet again remember that every detail counts so choose Your accessories right!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Top / DKNY ( Gedimino 22 )
Pants / MAX&Co. ( Gedimino 22 )
Bag / Coccinelle
Sunnies / Dior ( Glasses On )
Watch / Triwa
Shoes / ZYNE

Photo / Aistis Rokas Vysniauskas

Eyes Mast listens to / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-i9IZkcTOo



I believe there has never been a season that wouldn’t have denim taking part in. From mid winter to mid summer denim has been and still is one of the main fashion statements that we go along with. And maybe not as much as going along as generally not surviving without. 
And to be absolutely fair It seems it's not gonna leave it's position at any time soon.On the other hand do You remember any season that denim wouldn't take up half of Your closet?Im sure You don't! So lets speak about denim and why or how should we be wearing it this spring / summer season.
As we are all used to - ss is full of rich blue / light blue textured denim. We start from denim shirt , denim tunics and eventually jeans , from high waisted vintage ones to casual boyfriend jeans. And we are full of it. But in my case I tend to stay to dark tones more than often and in the warm season its better than ever to pull out the beloved rock'n'roll pieces that are waiting to be spotlighted.This is why today I went for Pando jeans with brushed dark grey tones - it just gives us that raw look we all have been looking for. And what can be better than great pair of jeans with a leather jacket? Its an outfit that will always be the classic match, no matter where or when You go for it.
So since we chose to go for a raw denim look we have to make sure we keep it classy and easy at the same point. But its only in my case, If You wish to go trashy go trashy without a doubt. I simply wanted that easy going yet sharp look that day. So what I did I went for Coccinelle purse that for me is a straight perfection. The shape and the cut this bag has is exactly what every woman wishes for - timeless piece that will never go out of style - and a piece that will class up Your look basically matched with anything in Your wardrobe.  Then I had to go with the right pair of sunnies which is always Dior as You have probably noticed - and in the end - sneakers. But sneakers that finally let You stay chic in a pure black leather. Im a person that love wearing bright sneakers time to time, but it took me many years to find a pair that fills my needs of simplicity and class when it comes to sportswear. No logos, no crazy details - simply classic Adidas model in black that honestly helped me survive the whole Paris Fashion Week in September. 
So all in all when You wish to go easy - keep it raw and leave some very well thought of details that gives Your outfit a statement.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / ZARA
Jeans / Pando
Bag / Coccinelle
Sneakers / Adidas
Glasses / Dior

Photo / Egle Juozaityte

Stripe it up


When it comes to patterns there are so many ways and places to pull them out, but on the other hand are patterns always a good choice?
For a woman like me - a pattern has to stand for me not in a way of me. I have never been and probably will never be one of those people that each season goes by the rules and runs to buy the first income of palm trees, flowers, or any other tropical scened pattern because it is spring time You are supposed to buy pieces like that? No, god no. Stick to Yourself and fall in love with a pattern that stands for You and Your character, dont mix and match when there is no need for it.
If there's one pattern that typically isn't a challenge to wear, it's stripes. But, if you're cut from the same (striped) cloth that I am, you might actually wantsomething a little more demanding than average. In which case, step in line, loves! The same things that make stripes so safe — their go-with-everything sense of order, their figure-flattering properties — are what make playing around with the pattern so fun. There's creative layering, color mixing, shape shifting, and more ways to let your linear pieces take center stage. So without a doubt my number one pattern has always been and I guess will stay that way - stripes!
Despite the fact that stripes could already be held as a fashion legend as there have never been a decade without them rolling the catwalks and covers. Stripes are the equivalent to perfection.
From a breezy sea shore with a washed off knit top to a busy city streets with a classic cut pants, You ll never go wrong when choosing stripes.
So one afternoon I walk in to Gedimino 22 store in Vilnius and I see these DKNY pants shining right in front of me ... The second I saw them I knew I had to have them... following the rest of DKNY collection that Gedimino 22 was freshly filled with, nevertheless mostly striped patterns I knew I had to get out before I can still afford a cab drive home. So of course I took the pants as how couldn't I?
Let me tell You why I chose these ones exactly. First of all for the same reason as mentioned above. Second of all due to light fabric this pair I will be able to wear both in summer time and during the mid seasons. Third - the tone and the thin and delicate stripes gives the look that can be fitted both work and street wise . Meaning one pair of DKNY pants - at least million ways to wear. For the day I chose to go casual and minimal as I wanted to keep all eyes on stripes, so I went for dark tones keeping the pants as a main piece of the outfit. Yet again Imagine white light blouse with a pair of stilettos and red lipstick ? Oh yes - perfection.
So ladies - since spring encourages You to go crazy on patterns count to 10 before each bright and crazy tropical  toned piece and think wouldn't it be better to stay classy and funk up Your wardrobe with a choice that will never leave You hanging?
Sending love

Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Mango
Pants / DKNY ( Gedimino 22 )
Boots / Inch2
Bag / Juozas Statkevicius


Photo / Egle Juozaityte

Listening to / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZHzuG3j0hw

suit up

As Joe Slovo once said " Sometimes, if you wear suits for too long, it changes your ideology ".
Can we agree on that?
Nowadays style conception and its rules have changed enormously. There are no rules and no boundaries left nor in fashion nor in daily life. Meaning as more freedom we get / the more freedom we use. The women workforce is not an exception. 
Working women all over the world have dealt and some still deal with strict demands on how they are expected to look on a daily basis. During the years the requirements have changed or in some places - almost vanished from the surface. Thanks god... Finally most of us have the ability to express ourselves not only during the after hours but as wished day to day. So as probably You have already understood - I ll be speaking about the modern suit. And what statement does it have in everyday life.
A modern suit today has no boundaries. And no rules on where and how You choose to wear one. As an example My ideal suit for this season has to contain bright tones and generally no limits on its consistency, this beauty I have chosen from MAX&Co SS 17 collection. Meaning the top of it doesn't have to be an actual classic jacket it can be like in this case light fabric trench coat worn as a jacket with the same fabric and same style pants - so that we could call it an actual suit and nobody could even dear to comment! Hehe. Another amazing part of having such suit is that it can be worn to work easily and nevertheless worn in separate pieces matched with what ever You could think of. The top of it - the jacket - could be worn as trench coat with light dress or wrapped jeans and etc , while in the same time the high wasted pants can be ur summer it piece worn with any top You can think off to any occasion. So generally we have a win win situation. We buy a suit - but we end up with whole new scene of outfits that can be created out of it or with it.
I went for MAX&Co for the suit as they have seemed to figure out all what I am talking about and created lots of pieces that You could fit to our topic of the day. Just that in my case i felt thrust for something light , something white and flawless thats why I went for this piece. As lets be fair - when You go white - You never go wrong.
Next part is what does woman in suit represent and does it really change our way of thinking? In my eyes - yes it does. Despite the fact that when You are wearing a well matched suit You really feel more confident and You get this feeling of importance, people that see You from aside tend to put You in a higher position as well. So shortly speaking the suit really does give You a different image and the image contains only good qualities. A woman in suit always looks more sharp, more confident and overall classy yet flawless .
So to sum up - I would say there is no better timing to find the right fit for Yourself when it comes to suiting it up. And most of all - don't forget that boundaries barely exist - so feel free to choose something that speaks for Your character and mind.


Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / MAX&Co.
Top  / H&M
Pants / MAX&Co.
Bag / Kenzo

Photo / Vaidas Jokubauskas

Eyes Mast listening to / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK326HjaNTA



When spring reaches the level of consistency and warm weather where sun each and every morning does not affect Your mental stage, meaning You don't go crazy and all out - You reach a peaceful point where You can relax and let it flow. Same rules stand in our beloved wardrobes.
For me mid spring is something magical... The weather , the fabrics, coffee in the street, fav sunnies...Its simply perfection. Non the less mid spring stands for firm style. I start to go all in to minimal and classic outfits with a few strong pieces to impress.
It must be the rhythm of life that changes completely during the season. 
Long long time before the spring i decided I ll be in loose pants, shiny sneakers and leather all the time long haha , I managed to keep the promise I gave to myself at least most of the time. There is just something fabulous about wearing wide cuts all the way down and skinny tops this season. I am not saying it is anything new or super trendy ( as what are trends these times ) but for me its numero uno choice almost every single day. I have already purchased I believe at least 5 pairs of pants during the last month - just to make sure I'm good to go haha!
I have went through lots of brands to search for the perfect wide cuts.. starting from the cheapest ones to the most exclusive ones. And to be fair I couldn't have been more happy when I saw these beauties in Max&Co ... The texture , the cut , the flawless feeling - I knew I had to have them. Especially because of the rich green tone, that will be number one accent in spring and summer time. Matched with almost anything these types of pants bring completely new perspective to the whole look. And lets be fair rich green simply has something stunning that You can not avoid. Moving to trench coat ... I mean what spring season can start without a trench coat ? Non. Yes absolutely non. 
As I am all about classic pieces when it comes to trench coats , most of the seasons I still go for black... As I just can't help myself to be honest. And believe me I have tried. And to a big surprise Max&Co that normally would go for white , dark blue or anything else but black - released the seasons top trench coat this SS. So of course I had to have it in my closet.
Lastly - the side pieces... One of the most important parts of an outfit.
As classy and minimal as You wish to dress - spring is just not the season to leave You without any sharp / bright side pieces. And I believe You are the same as I am. You have to have some accessories to die for that pull out any outfit to a completely different view. Like in this case Gucci sneakers that shine brighter than diamonds matched with JS wild west bag ! Its simply perfection. 
So my letter to You ladies is to run and find Your own perfect wide cut pants straight after You go through the article . As believe me - once You go wide - You don't go back. The look that such pieces will bring to Your daily outfits is unbelievable great.  From lazy Sunday mornings in the city to sharp work meet ups and to evening events... You ll never go wrong with those ones.
Generally You are Your own trend setter. You are empowered to dictate the trends to whom ever You want / whenever You want. 

Stay classy yet chic !

Eyes Mast chooses:

Trench coat / MAX&Co
Top /H&M
Pants / MAX&Co
Bag / Juozas Statkevicius
Sneakers / Gucci

Photo / Vaidas Jokubauskas

Sound of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm2bM89I7YE



There comes a time when every single one of us stop for a moment and wonder... Who we really are, how do we look from aside, have accomplished enough till now and generally what do we represent as women to the outer world ...  And most of us including my self never see the end of it... I think I never had that moment where I thought my life is complete - and that I have accomplished enough... never. There is always space and place to grow, there are always new ways to improve and there is enough time to leave at least a small mark in this world. And keeping this in mind we can never give up and be happy with what we have now, we always have to want more in order to move forward and make a statement.
I believe most of You already sensed that this article is for You - for all the strong women that fight day to day to to achieve and to receive and generally how this state of mind and lifestyle affects our image.
Lets go back to our beloved 80s... Don't know about You but for me everything that speaks for 80s is something to admire... the music, the fashion, the art... I could go on and on. Its simply the decade of perfection. And never the less the decade of women in power. Generally speaking I would say its the decade where women felt free to wear what they like despite the norms and started the movement of genderless wardrobe. Of course in small steps at a time. As we know it was at the 80s when women entered the workforce in sheer force, and with it came a very aggressive idea of power dressing. Thanks to them we got the wide shoulders , the structural shapes and most of all a lot thinner line between men and women styles. Women in the work force were popularizing the idea of “power dressing” summarizing the fashion of the decade and the modern-woman’s desire to break free from traditional gender roles and make their mark in the business world. 
While we can not be grateful enough for the women of 80s it seems that we keep up the good work in a lot fiercer way nowadays as well. Not only do we keep our ground strong and firm - we continue to spread the strong woman image in a lot simpler times. Im sure You will agree with me that fashion today is harder to define than ever, with a sense of individuality and self-expression.  Women are looking to embrace their femininity while also incorporating traditionally masculine-styles into their wardrobes. Fashion seems to be in a state of constant growth and exploration, while nods to past decades continuously find themselves embedded in every season’s “trends. "
Meaning we are left without any concrete trends or fashion statements, but the freedom to dress to express - our selves, our lifestyles, our believes through fashion. Tell me if I'm wrong but that seems to be the best stage we could have ever dreamed of.
Moving on to the outfit that Im wearing... Caught by the mood of feminity and power, in the best place for that in the world, inspired by all the career woman surrounding me, I wanted to mix and match 80s with nowadays. And honestly I was smart enough to take  Renata Mikailionyte's pieces in my luggage that spoke the topic better than anything else. A short moment  about the designer so that You would get the idea  - RM creates thin lined gender clothes for women that fear nothing, at least that was my first expression when I saw her collection. As You can see the west gives a sharp manly image to the whole outfit, especially matched with classic shaped pants with a typical 80s print, so that You can easily state that this is a typical classic look, yet matched with expressive bag and military boots it gets to a completely new modern classic look. 
To sum up we live in the times that give no rules, no boundaries. We have all the rights and all the freedom to do or to look as we wish. Lets not only be glad about it but lets make the best of it.

Eyes Mast chooses:

West / Renata Mikailionyte
Shirt / DKNY
Pants / Renata Mikailionyte
Watch / Triwa
Bag / Juozas Statkevicius
Boots / INCH2

Photo / Clifton Prescod

So melancholic but You asked for it Yourself haha!

shine bright

Dont You simply adore those moments when after long and deep winter You finally see the sun? When You can finally go out and not have at least a ton of clothes on You? Of course You do, who wouldn't ! Another amazing aspect of that is that You spend way more time in Your wardrobe as when the weather is fabulous You have to be even more charming than that. Which leads us to a spring syndrome. A disease that each and every single one of us go through in the beginning of the season. And its a syndrome of all bright or nothing. Im sure most of You after seeing the sun for the first time in four months don't even want to look to the dark side of closet. Believe me I am the same.
As soon as I realised this day Is about to come I decided I have to run down to few shops and prepare my #1 spring outfit. So I went down to Gedimino 22 and saw this stunning DKNY coat.. I thought this is it - I have my day one syndrome piece! Super easy looking and extremely comfortable yet super spring like and light - all You are looking for. Then I matched it with my SS number one clutch from Coccinelle which I can not see any summerish outfits without and I got the perfection I have been looking for. Believe You me - that day was nothing to compare with the outfit that I wore... Oh and lets not forget another amazing part of this season.. SNEAKERS! Finally... I have missed them so so much...
Best part of wearing bright this season is the less tones - the better or the more fashionable You are. So technically it puts You in a very good stage. You can stress less and look perfect a lot easier than before. SS17 is all about one tone from head to toe.. So when the next time You ll be matching ur daily pieces keep that in mind and You ll have a win win situation. The outfit will be up to trend and You ll have a lot less work to pull off the outfit. Im sure many of You will have the same question - which pastels too go for? My offer would be - stay down to earth. Choose tones that will easily match Your existing pieces and that will be wearable in the upcoming seasons. Meaning if You ll go nude tones - You ll not go wrong. 
So ladies and gents enjoy first days of spring fully prepared. Keep it light and soft so that You could get into the mood of upcoming season.. stay light !

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / DKNY ( Gedimino22)
Top / H&M
Pants / Mango
Bag / Coccinelle
Sneakers / Nike Air Max
Watch / Michael Kors


When You wake up in a city like New York - everything gets a completely new perspective. Not only Your mind, but Your body as well reacts to it. And we can easily call it a game changer. Why?
Simply because in a city like NY no day is ordinary, You never know how Your day will turn out or where will it lead You. Which brings us to the point where You have to stay sharp both in mind and style. There is no better feeling that having a cup of fresh coffee in 24th floor of Your hotel with the whole mid town under Your feet and knowing that this is just the beginning of You day full of excitement and wonder.
As Europeans we tend to have a slightly different rhythm and vibe... Our days seem to go a bit slower, we have more time to our selves and we have the luxury to make our lives charming and time to time stressless. I mean You will not see at least one person in Manhattan lunching longer than 15minutes, when in Paris or Rome, often lunch ends up with a bottle of red wine and three courses right? Whilst in NYC there is no such thing... Each day is like a race, each day is a challenge which has that charming side of it and the terrifying one. But who doesn't love a bit of drama... So what is that New York life and how dos it affect You from head to toe?
Generally in New York no matter what You do - You are always on a run. My days where quite hectic so I was on my feet from early mornings till late evenings. And each day was a lot more than planned. So how did it affect my style? First of all the main thing was - shoes. You can not live in NY and have fancy heels or anything else than sneakers almost. The image that sex and the city has given us through out the years was nothing but a big lie. Heels and New York have nothing in common. So each morning my main head ache was what shoes to pick as they had to look fabulous yet be the equivalent of comfort. After I had figured this out it came to a perfect outfit that would fit day meetings, unexpected shootings and Hells Kitchen dinners. Meaning - it had to be perfection from head to toe that would fit any possible occasion. You ask me what would that be? As even for me it sounded like something every woman looks for and never finds... Well what do You know - I managed to figure it out haha!
The golden outfit - if I may call it like that - is a lot more simple than You would imagine. To be completely honest its a match of a pieces that we could call timeless classics. An outfit that works for women of  my segment - class with a bit of edge in it ( the ones that can not see themselves with a bit of rock'n'roll in it ) This is why firstly I went for the net blouse - it kinda stated the whole idea of the outfit. Especially matched with Burberry classics - UK military pants , doesn't it give that modern woman vibe? Yeah it does.But to be completely sure You have to have something outstanding on You in a city like NY - a piece to die for, that speaks up for the whole image You are pulling off - a fearless, self confident woman in style - and that comes with the bag... Oh the bag... When I first saw it - it blew my mind away, and to be fair - it managed to leave every single fashionista in manhattan speechless... Even better part is that its a creation of Lithuania legend in fashion - Juozas Statkevicius. Meaning having such bag in a city that has all and has seen all - You come with something new and that puts You on a radar. And thats something magical... 
Another moment is adding some bright colour to the whole image.. But the magic is when You mix and match just segments of it. Like in this case a minimalistic line on bot sides of the pants, that ads completely different military look to the outfit and then the main accessory same coloured bag... Looks like a match made in heaven right?
SO ladies keep in mind that everything is possible with a bit of imagination. It seems that perfection really comes in small pieces...

Eyes Mast chooses:

Jacket / Mango
Top / H&M
Pants / Burberry
Bag / Juozas Statkevicius 
Bracelet / Tiffany&Co
Ring / The Factory

Photo / Clifton Prescod


Backpack time!

Well hello ladies… guess who is back! Hope You missed me as I for sure have missed You as hell. I know it has been almost a month but to be honest I managed to loose both of my macbooks, have unexpected travels and honestly anything that would sound unbelievable and too bad to be true had happened, but You have to do what You have to do… right?

Anyways the last time I wrote was winter as far as I can remember… And what do You know its spring already! Couldn’t be more happy about it! Im sure You are too. But where does it bring us? Apart from the fact that we see more sun, we have better emotions and finally we have less mood swings it eds up to one crucial point - new season new trends - new wardrobe. And thats where the hell begins.

In my case due to active lifestyle and the need to be comfortable from head to toe each day and every day I decided to try out something I almost never had - backpack. Yes a backpack. You would think I am not that type of woman that runs around in streets of New York wearing a back pack but to be fair for a modern nowadays woman there is literally nothing better. Ofcourse there is one major point to find the right one - which for You might take a while but with my help I ll make it a lot easier. 

Imagine You wake up 6 in the morning have a fast coffee in the nearest coffee house in uptown and begin Your day running around New York from meeting to a meeting, from one tube to another untill You see its already midnight. Then You really start thinking about smart fashion as I like to call it. Fashion that stands firm on Your lifestyle choices. And I am more than sure that many of my readers are hard working women that barely see daylight and fight for their spot on the ground. Which puts us in a position of looking fabulous though feeling comfortable and chic.

So number one piece this season I would say is the right backpack. Though it shouldn’t look like a classic, already seen choice. This is why after long and hard research I managed to find the right fit for me. Meaning the perfect piece for a woman that has to look edgy yet classy from morning to evening, woman that starts her day with no idea how it will end or where she will end up - to sum up a lady that is ready to look her best 24/7 . 

When I started looking for backpack I wanted for it to look as far as possible from a typical case model. This I why I needed something elegant, yet edgy, something that would fit weekend look in the same way as it would fit a 5star restaurant meeting in Meat Packing District. And I am safe to say I found what I have been searching for in Coccinelle. A brand that stands for long lasting pieces and Italian classics.  And who could refuse to have Italian beauty hanging in their closet? 

I ll try to show You and prove to You that a backpack can be as elegant and classy as any handbag and that every single one of You can not wait any longer going through life without having at least one fabulous and classy backpack in Your closet. 

For example this outfit - I have chosen the new piece from D.Efect SS collection and stayed in my fav pair of boots for this season, to get edgy and different look from what You would expect. The outfit is super city friendly and stands for fashionable comfort. As You can see the Coccinelle backpack brings super modern look to the whole image. Meaning for this article I am showing that any classic piece will fit You no matter what You wear as long as You match it right and keep it simple.

To sum up - lets start this spring fresh. Lets concentrate and not only looking our best but most of all feeling our best. As nowadays comfort is the new it thing. And You simply can not pass it. 


Kisses my ladies!

Eyes Mast chooses:

Top / D.Efect
Bag / Coccinelle
Boots / Inch2 


Photo / Vika Paskelyte


And song of the day for old school mood that I am having right now :





Tell me if time to time You don't have that amazing feeling where You feel You are on top of the world? Where You feel stronger than ever? Where Your independency reaches the level You have been working for all Your life? Im sure You do. And well the more often the better. Nowadays in the world where women stand stronger than ever and have the voice that has never been so powerful we tend to reach for a lot more. Both in life and well in our closet. And well lets be fair when this feeling hits You and the streets become Your personal runway - You have to have the right pieces on You.
So lets make it a bit more interesting this time. As today is all about being fierce and fabulous woman. Imagine that the street is a war field and Your clothes are Your ammunition. I know it sounds a bit crazy but in the end is very much alike. Anyways imagine having the right gun is like having the right piece on You. It not only can “ save Your life” but it can and it makes You feel a lot stronger than You’d feel without it. When in the same time not having enough bullets is like going to a war zone bare foot. Same as going out without any accessories on You. When it comes tolooking outstanding and feeling strong You have to look at it in the right way. Maybe even as unusual as we speak now, just to give it a different perspective right? Puling out the big guns like Your top coat or Your most fabulous bag can be life changing, when in the same time having enough bullets such as sunglasses and watches or what ever accessories You would go for is crucial.
So lets talk more about those fierce moments when You own the streets. Normally its better when it hits You in the mid summer and You have the chance to pull out Your fabulous pair of heels, the skinniest pair of black jeans, white flawless top and well of course Balmain type of black jacket. Then after walking the line You don't even feel Your feet killing You, as well we live in the real life unlike in the perfect scenario created by a fictional character Carrie Bradshaw.  Otherwise when it hits You in mid winter - You have to act smart. And by smart I mean both ways.
I suppose each self respecting woman deserves to have that fabulous and one of a kind coat, that looks outstanding despite what are You wearing under. As an example You can take my to die for piece from MAS924, a coat that fits any occasion any mood and well any style You go for. If its sunday morning and You are in Your trainers and Uggs, or if its friday evening and You pull out You killer boots out. So when there is such piece hanging in Your closet and You want to have that perfect feminine energy on You - this is what You should go for. And well after that, honestly its not so important what goes under it hehe... 
Another strong moment is - sunglasses. Don't know how about You but in my eyes women with sunglasses always gives a mysterious yet fabulous vibe. Especially when she is not afraid to wear them in winter time. And well as I have said many many times having the right pair of sunglasses can give Your image completely different meaning. I am a Dior girl.. everything what they create somehow fits my style and my mood. And well my beloved So Real ones simply will never leave my accessories box and well they will never be out of style. So what I mean to tell is that fabulous pair of glasses is number one investment, without it You ll always have that one small moment missing.
In the end when You have these two pieces figured out all whats left is for Your imagination. As the base is done. So since its always dark, cold and disgusting I tend to go for brighter colours, unlike everyone. Because well its different and it makes Yourself feel a lot better. And when I go bright I go white. As can there really be any other tone that will work each and every time You decide to go for it? No.
So to sum up sometimes its not so much about the trends as its about the vision You want to stand out. And the more its about You wanting to look strong and confident the better. The more You want to shoot Your sharpest bullets to the world the more big guns You have to have. And well a fabulous coat is one of the strongest winter season guns, as well as the right sunglasses or a bag. All in all our image speaks about us stronger than words most of the time so make sure You keep it exactly how You want for people to see You.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Coat / MAS924
Top / Cultus Lt
Pants / Mango
Clutch /  Kenzo
Watch / Komono
Glasses / Dior

Photo / Egle Juozaityte

Mood / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeawPUpTHJA

The getaway

There comes a time when mid winter hits us in the strongest way possible. After not seeing the sun for almost three months in a row You simply can not be as joyful as You normally are during the rest of the seasons. It becomes a lot harder to get inspired or in general appreciate the beauty that surrounds You.
In situations like this all of us have different ways to snap out of it and get back to our selves. Till now I didn’t know what mine was. Go figure … First I thought I need a quick getaway - so i did, I went to Africa fro a week - the whole inspiration and excitement was gone straight after I got out of the plain with my light trench coat and my silver Pinko sneakers, as minus twenty degrees hit me. Ok I thought I need something else … I started reading inspirational books and watching motivational movies - guess what - nothing. As how the hell it can really work when u look outside and its the same view as always, either blizzard or a storm… I am sure most of You would think or say not to take it so deep, but lets be fair we are women, we are difficult and demanding. And well when one thought hits our mind it does not leave that easily, secondly if we have some bump on the road we do not let the time fix it - we do it ourselves. This situation is no different.

So I thought to myself - each time this type of mood hits me I need to have a cure asap.

And You know what? I found it. 

Every single one of You have those pieces in the closet that makes Your knees weak every time You remember them, right? It can be anything : Your favourite summer dress, Your beloved pair of heels, Your silk blouses and well in my case my 90s jeans and stilettos…
And tell me straight - did any of You managed to skip those moments when You sit in the coffee house wearing at least five layers of clothes in Your UGGs and You simply dream that You could sit outside with a glass of mimoza wearing Your favourite satin dress in Your fabulous stilettos? No You didn’t ! Am I right? So the "cure" that I found was a day at home with my most missed pieces on me and with the best mood I could ever dream of. 
Let me tell You .... the day looked chic and intimate. I played Marvin Gaye, I photographed my works, I wrote a few articles and I went through my vintage collection of fashion magazines, never the less, all of this I did in my favourite pair of nude stilettos, my to die for 90s jeans and  newly bought pure white blouse … and believe You me - it was fantastic. The mood came back, the inspiration kicked inn and I felt like a woman again. As lets be fair wearing all those layers, coats, parkas, boots, hats and so on really puts weight on us not only in a physical way but in a moral way too. 

More than ever I catch myself dreaming about bright colours, light textures, flawless fabrics and well heels... And for those of You who feel the same way it's crucial to have this type of getaways with the help of Your closet and imagination. So when You have a lighter day or even the weekend off - make sure You try it out, and You ll see there is nothing better.

Eyes Mast chooses:

Charm / Tiffany&Co
Blouse / Zara
Belt / Gucci
Jeans / Zara
Stilettos / Guess

Photo / Egle Juozaityte